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Adorable treasured fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!

Chapter 38 “Bai Xiao’s Shock (1)”
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Chapter 38 “Bai Xiao’s Shock (1)”

Bai Xiachen apparently didn’t notice his mother’s presence on the street, “Uncle, I like you. Why don’t you come home with me?” His small hands continuing to warp itself around the teen’s leg, refusing to let go.

Looking at the cute little thing clinging onto him, Bai Xiao’s gaze gradually softened.

That soft cheek, that hint of milky aroma of a baby, combined together makes the child look like a small little steam bun that others would be tempted to take a bite out of.

“Where is your home? I’ll send you back.” Bai Xiao’s gently rubs the little head, his smile ever so warm because he had liked the little bun at first sight.

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“I…” Happy inside, Bai Xiachen wanted to tell the truth this instant when he abruptly noticed the dark faced Bai Yan coming over.

Jumping from shock, even his small little hands had lost their grip as he retreated in haste.

I’m finished!

Why is mom here?

“Sis, what are you doing here?” A genuine smile emerges from Bai Xiao’s face.

Still dark and gloomy in her face, Bai Yan first casts a glance at the dirty boy, then shifted it back to her brother: “Take this little thing and follow me!”

“This…” Bai Xiao was obviously stunned by the demand. Scratching his head in confusion, “Sister, wouldn’t this count as child trafficking? The idea doesn’t seem to be very good.”

Ignoring the question, Bai Yan simply turns away and walked ahead.

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Though Bai Xiao was hesitant at first, he eventually relented and went ahead to pick up the little meat bun: “Sorry little guy. Although I like you very much, but my sister is the biggest so I can only offend you this time.”

Originally he thought that Bai Xiachen would struggle and cry out from his touch, but the behavior of the boy utterly shocked him. Quiet and obedient, the little fella just sat there in his arms while the kitten from earlier followed next to them.


Inside the courtyard.

Entering from following his sister’s lead, Bai Xiao was full of curiosity in his eyes at the new environment. Just as he wanted to ask whose place was this, the woman in front had stopped and took a seat on a stone stool there.

“Do you know your wrong?” Crossing her legs, she starts tapping her right fingers on the table like the mistress of the house.


Now it was Bai Xiao’s turn to be dumbfounded, what mistake did I do today to make sis so angry?

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Just as he was busy trying to think long and hard on what he did wrong, Bai Xiachen that was still hanging his small little head on his uncle’s shoulder suddenly jumped off.

Then as if only natural, the little meat bun went ahead and grabbed for the baby tiger on the side, his face angry as he asked: “Little Rice, did you do something wrong again and made mother upset? Hurry and confess! Leniency will be given if you tell the truth!”

Poor Little Rice. Completely caught off guard by the questioning, the only thing running through his tiger brain now was this: who can be more shameless than his little owner here? As expected, only a fox can be this insidious and cunning!

“Mother.” Beaming a brilliant smile, the little guy makes a pleading face with his eyes and said, “Little Rice admits his wrong so please forgive him.”


A total mess inside, Bai Xiao’s eye was full of astonishment at the news. Trembling, he looks to Bai Yan for confirmation. action

This little bun… is his nephew?

“Bai Xiachen!” Slamming the stone table, “Did you forget everything I said to you before?”

“Mom, it’s Little Rice who encouraged me to go. Even Bai Zhi was scratched by him, it’s really not me.”

Why did he bring along the baby tiger? Of course it’s to have his little furry friend take the fall for himself. No matter what, he can’t possible admit to be the instigator of the idea.