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Cultivator With Modern AI

Chapter 38 Zhu Yuhe Shocked
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After having breakfast together, Xia Tian decided to go to the city with Xia Xing and Mo Xiaoqi. But suddenly Chen Xue forbade her daughter to go with them, because she wanted to talk to her. At first Xia Xing insisted on going with them, but then Xia Tian asked her to stay and talk to her mother first, and Xia Xing could only give in.

And not long after Xia Tian left with Mo Xiaoqi, Xia Manor had unusual guests, Xia Ling and Liu Ying who met the guests.

As for Chen Xue, she rushed after her daughter, moreover her daughter seemed so angry with her.


Xia Xing Room

'Although I've sent her to the Jade Pearl Sect for many years, but it seems like it was a waste, and Xing'er still can't get over her feelings for Tian'er.' Chen Xue inwardly said, as she sat on the side of the table inside her daughter's room and continued to observe her daughter. But her daughter didn't want to look at her at all, and her attitude made Chen Xue couldn't help but sigh, then she asked. "Are you still unable to get rid of your feelings for Tian'er, Xing'er?"

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Hearing her mother's question, Xia Xing immediately turned her head and scowled at her mother, then she replied angrily. "Don't you already know the answer, Mom?"

"But you two are blood cousins, Xing'er!" Chen Xue said loudly, she was also enraged by her daughter's reaction. "What would people say about our family if they knew about your relationship with Tian'er later!?"

Xia Xing immediately stood up, and she glared sharply at her mother. "The most important thing is that I love Tian, ​​and Tian loves me too! What's more, we're a family of cultivators! So why should we care what people think of our relationship!?"


But Xia Xing hastily interrupted her. "If you are still thinking about the words of those ordinary people, then you should stop being a cultivator and live as an ordinary person, because your mindset is no different from them."

After she said that, Xia Xing rushed out leaving Chen Xue dumbfounded, but Xia Xing's words also made Chen Xue doubt herself, before long she sighed and left her daughter's room.


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In another area, Xia Ling and Liu Ying looked at the two women in front of them in bewilderment, because it was not unusual for the two of them to come to their residence, especially when they saw the facial expression of one of the women, because she looked pale and haggard.

"What happened to you, Sister Yuhe? Why do you look like this?" Liu Ying asked as she handed her a sky blue pill. "This is the Lotus Energy Pill, and this pill will make your condition better."

Zhu Yuhe couldn't answer her question, of course she couldn't tell Liu Ying that her condition was because she kept thinking about Xia Tian all night long, it made her restless and couldn't sleep peacefully. She accepted the pill with a nod, and swallowed it immediately, then she used her energy to quickly dissolve the pill, before long her facial expression got better and better.

"En, great! The pill is really useful." Liu Ying exclaimed softly, then she asked again curiously. "What made you come here all of a sudden, Sister Yuhe?"

Xia Ling also looked at Zhu Yuhe in confusion, because she looked so restless, and it seemed that something was bothering her.

Zhu Yuhe sighed softly, and she asked. "Is it really you who restored Xia Tian's spiritual root, Ying'er?"

"Huh!?" Liu Ying and Xia Ling were taken aback by her question, because no one outside of their family knew that Xia Tian's spiritual root had been restored, and that he was also able to cultivate, but now suddenly Zhu Yuhe was asking that question.

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Zhu Yuhe wasn't surprised by their reaction, she had guessed that they were deliberately covering up Xia Tian's spiritual root recovery, because if people knew about it, it would cause a commotion in the city, then she said with a smile. "You two don't need to be like that, I met Xia Tian by accident last night, and I already know that his spiritual root has recovered, even his cultivation has reached 9th Stage Qi Gathering Realm."

"What! 9th Stage Qi Gathering Realm?" This time, it was Xia Ling who was shocked, because two days ago he sensed that Xia Tian's cultivation was still at the 1st Stage Qi Gathering Realm, but now Zhu Yuhe said that his grandson cultivation had already reached the 9th Stage Qi Gathering Realm. "Is that true, Queen Yuhe? My grandson's cultivation has already reached the 9th Stage Qi Gathering Realm?"

Liu Ying inwardly laughed wryly, she knew why her father-in-law was in shock, because previously her son had hidden his cultivation from him. And only she herself, Xia Xing, and Xia Ning knew about Xia Tian's true cultivation.

"Hmm? Don't you know about it, General Ling?" Zhu Yuhe raised her eyebrows, Zhu Yuhe and Zhou Xuan were confused by Xia Ling's reaction, they didn't understand why Xia Ling didn't know about Xia Tian's cultivation, but then Zhu Yuhe remembered what happened last night. "It seems that he is also hiding his cultivation from you, General Ling."

Xia Ling darkened hearing that, then he turned to Liu Ying, and asked. "Do you know about this, Ying'er? Is it true that Little Tian's cultivation has reached the 9th Stage Qi Gathering Realm?"

"En, that's right Father, and Tian did hide his cultivation from you." Liu Ying nodded at him, then she explained. "As I said before, Tian's cultivation immediately increased to 1st Stage Qi Gathering Realm once his spiritual root was restored, and two days ago his cultivation reached 5th Stage Qi Gathering Realm, but-"

But Zhu Yuhe was already shouting in shock, even Zhou Xuan was also looking at Liu Ying in shock. "What did you just say, Ying'er? Two days ago Xia Tian's cultivation was still at the 5th Stage Qi Gathering Realm?"

They were really shocked to hear that, because Xia Tian's cultivation had increased by four minor stages in just two days, and that made Zhu Yuhe even more curious about Xia Tian, ​​as she had never heard of someone with such an absurd cultivation speed before.

Liu Yin smiled bitterly at their reactions, then she said. "That's because my son is a dual cultivator, Sister Yuhe. And currently he already has two partners."

- To Be Continued -