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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money

Chapter 266: Running Away After Getting Pregnant with the Tyrant’s Child (1)
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Chapter 37: Running Away After Getting Pregnant with the Tyrant’s Child (1)

T/N: LOL, the title for this arc is just…

* * *

The purpose of the fall subjugation was to clear out the demonic beast plains before winter arrived.

This large-scale expedition was repeated every year, and the schedule usually look an entire season, including the post-processing of the subjugation.

Considering the vastness of the demonic beast plains, even that time range was considered incredible.

However, this year, a new record for the fall subjugation was written into history.

“We have never returned so fast before.”

“The leaves haven’t even fallen yet and we are back.”


It was a non-stop, hectic schedule.

Clearing the demonic beast plains so quickly would have been difficult even without problems arising. But due to the jamming of the transmission stone, their plans were disrupted.

It took a long time for the scattered divisions to regroup.

The fact that they were able to return so quickly was partly due to the newly acquired barriers which made various tactics possible, but most of all—.

‘I have witnessed the amazing will of a man who wants to see his wife.’

‘He has far surpassed human limits.’

‘Seriously, to do all that just to see his wife’s face as soon as possible.’

The warriors looked at Tarkan’s back with admiration written all over their face.

Tarkan wasn’t the only one who followed a monstrous schedule.

The warriors tried to follow Tarkan as best as they could, even when they felt like their body were being torn apart.

‘He is definitely our lord.’

The warriors, who felt like they had aged in the last few days, sighed heavily.

Right then, a huge wall appeared in front of Tarkan, who led the troops. A wall so high that even its peak could not be seen when you looked up.

It was the castle wall of Irugo, demarcating the border.


Tarkan’s eyes lit up.

He said he would finish in a week but it had already been 2 weeks.

‘I should have regrouped even earlier.’

The warriors would have frothed at the mouth had they known that Tarkan was regretting not pulling the schedule even earlier.

But since they had no idea, they cheered without hesitation.

“It’s time to go back!”

“Finally, this hell is over!”

“I can sleep! I don’t have to eat my food in 5 minutes!”

Hearing those cheers, a smile slowly spread across Tarkan’s lips.


Very soon, he would go through the portal and get to see his lovely wife’s face.

When he got back, he was going to hug her, stroke her long hair, take in her scent, kiss her lips, and.


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‘Let’s calm down.’

Tarkan took a moment to catch his breath. But it was hard to calm his excitement.


Tarkan spurred his horse to move faster.

* * *

A bright light burst from the portal.

As the light faded, human shadows began to emerge.

The people standing around the portal stiffened and their bodies tensed.

“Oh dear.”

A light voice came from the direction of the portal.

As the light withdrew, the owner of the voice was fully revealed.

Blonde hair like which shone like the brilliant sky at the peak of day, and purple eyes reminiscent of the dawn sky. The mildly contrasting colors adorned a face that was arguably perfect.

In the arms of such a man, was a figure wrapped in a silk robe.

‘Who is that?’

The figure wore a hood so their face was not visible.

The knights felt doubtful, but carrying out the emperor’s order held more priority.

“Your Highness the Prince.”

They brought their fists to their chest and bowed their heads. But they looked ready to draw their swords at any time.

Seeing their reaction, Launelian smiled. “What brings the Imperial Knight order to this place?”

“His Majesty has ordered us to escort Your Highness the Prince upon your return.”

“And this is what you call escorting me?”

Launelian’s eyes swept over the armed knights.

Although their swords weren’t drawn, their attitude was the opposite of the treatment for a prince.

“…Your Highness used the portal to go to Irugo without permission. It is no surprise that His Majesty is angry.”

“Well, I don’t quite agree.”

Even when faced with a 30-strong knight force, Launelian was relaxed and confident.

Unlike the knights whose hands were free, his hands were occupied because of the person in his arms.

It should be difficult for him to react quickly if he was attacked and it should be even more difficult for him to make the first strike.

However, it was the knights who had the numerical advantage that were actually nervous.

After all, Launelian didn’t necessarily need his hands to take lives.

Just as the knights were feeling such pressure, Launelian slowly spoke. “Anyone in the Imperial family can use the portal. I only need permission from His Majesty if I am to depart to an enemy nation.”


Was an enemy nation that would soon go to war with Silvanus.

However, they couldn’t say that out loud.

Launelian chuckled.

“Is Irugo an enemy nation? I believe His Majesty sent his beloved daughter to Irugo to form a peace treaty.”

After the incident with the knights and the handmaids, public opinion in the empire was outraged.

The emperor had no choice but to act as if Aristine was his precious daughter.

“I cannot quite fathom why His Majesty would be upset. Can someone tell me?”

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Launelian grinned.

In the end, the knight captain had no choice but to retreat.

Although they prepared such an entourage to pressure the prince with force, it was only to apply pressure.

They had no intention of clashing with the prince, unless Launelian attacked first.

“It was my mistake. However, His Majesty is seeking Your Highness, so please come with us.”

“Oh, while I would love to do that.”

Launelian gently lowered the hood worn by the figure in his arms.

“Her Highness the Princess?”

The eyes of the knights shook when they saw the dazzling silver hair that was revealed.

How could the princess return in this situation? Did Irugo give her up that easily?

Even in Irugo, Aristine was an important political key. The most important key that Tarkan had in the fight for the throne.

Even more so now that Tarkan was away from the palace. But Aristine had also left the palace as well?

It was like asking Hamill to go rob an empty house.

‘What in the world is going on?’

They couldn’t wrap their heads around it.

The knights were stunned but Launelian didn’t pause and said,

“My sister is a little sick. I doubt His Majesty will want to force his beloved daughter to greet him when she is unwell. Too much strenuous movement can make her illness worse, you know?”

He pulled the hood over Aristine’s head again and began to walk.

The knights couldn’t decide if they should Launelian from leaving or not.

“Let him go.” The knight commander spoke.

If they were to drag Launelian to the Emperor and Launelian insisted that Aristine was ill, they would be in trouble.

‘Although I highly doubt that she is sick.’

In reality, that didn’t matter.

The moment such claims were made, it was like giving the other party a weapon to attack them politically.

“For now, the most important thing is to report this to His Majesty.”

* * *

Bright light sprung from the portal and a figure appeared.

“Your Highness Tarkan.”

The portal guardian bowed his head.

Tarkan nodded in return and took brisk strides to leave.

No one was following behind him.

He left all the other warriors at the border and went back alone.

Normally, Tarkan would have attended the victory banquet held by Count Tallistan. However, there was something more important than that.

He quickly made his way to his palace.

“Your Highness.”

“Welcome home.”

“Congratulations on your victory.”

The court ladies were startled by the sudden appearance of their lord and bowed deeply.

They heard that the expedition had returned to the border today. However, they never thought that Tarkan would come to the capital right away.

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It was normal to spend a week or so to recover from the battle before returning to the capital.

‘I did think he might come back tomorrow but…’

They thought he would at least send word in advance.

“I’m sorry, Your Highness. We were not expecting your return so our preparations are insufficient.”

“No need. I came without sending word because I wanted it to be a surprise.”

He wasn’t interested in a fancy reception. There was only one thing he was interested in.

“Where is Rineh?”

His wife.

However, the reaction of the court ladies was a little strange.

Instead of giving a reply, they only looked at each other.

Tarkan’s eyes narrowed.

‘Don’t tell me Hamill, that bastard…?’

“Where is my wife?”

Unlike earlier, his voice was rigid.

Finally, a court lady opened her mouth.

“Your Highness, I have good news and bad news. Which would you like to hear first?”

“I dislike riddles.”

Sensing the annoyance in her lord’s voice, the court lady quickly opened her mouth.

“The Princess Consort is pregnant.”

Tarkan could not understand those words for a moment.

“Congratulations, Your Highness.”

Only after hearing congratulations was Tarkan able to react.

“What did you say…?”

“Her Highness is pregnant.”

The moment those words got through, Tarkan couldn’t stay still.

He quickly strode into the palace.

Pregnant? Pregnant!

‘Rineh and I have a child!’

That fact alone made his heart swell and his eyes felt hot.

‘I came back too late.’

He could imagine how surprise Aristine must have been when she learnt of her pregnancy.

All sorts of thoughts must have gone through her mind.

The child came like a gift at a completely unexpected and unplanned time.

‘I should have stayed by her side.’

He was even more worried because he knew his wife had a weak body.

From this moment on, no matter what, he was never going to leave her side.

Right when Tarkan decided to bind himself to Aristine…

“So where is my wife? Is she in the bedroom?”

Tarkan asked as he moved down the hallway toward the bedroom.

The court ladies held their breath at that question.

When he heard no response, Tarkan stopped walking. When he looked back, his brow was raised. As if he was expressing his displeasure.

Eventually, a court lady opened her mouth, feeling like there were knives on her tongue.

“…The Princess Consort is in Silvanus.”