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Harem God: Leveling Up Yanderes in the Apocalypse

Chapter 16 This Is A Safe Space, Lindy
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Name: Hunter S. Thompson

Age: 21

Class: Harem Leader

Level: 18

Title: Freak-In-The-Closet (New!)

[User Info]

[Skills] (5) (New!)

[Stats] (34)

[Members] (1)

[God Relationships] (2) (New!)

[Item Storage]

[Notifications] (69+) (New!)

[Milestones] (21) (New!)

[Rewards] (8) (New!)

[Aphrodite's Corner] (New!) (1001) (New!)

[The Forbidden Library] (1) (New!)

'What a pain. I feel like I'm catching up on emails.' Leon thought bitterly, 'Since when did this become a job?'

He stared at his interface with a wry smile.

'Putting aside the horrifying warning I got, I'm afraid the Forbidden Library is overflowing with legal loli porn,' Leon thought dryly, 'I'll skip that and I'll save stats until I find myself in a position to need them.'

He concluded that looking at his skill would make him overconfident.

Lindy was abnormally powerful for the circumstances. Despite that, a hellscape opened up, and she would've died if he and Caitlyn didn't save her.

For now, he'd focus on his relationship with Caitlyn. She was his sword and shield, and he needed to master his communication skills with her.

'Let's go to skills and see if there's anything to help improve communication that doesn't involve voluntary slavery.' Leon thought with a wry smile.

Name: Hunter S. Thompson

Age: 21

Class: Harem Leader

Level: 18



Skill: Parasite (Default Skill)

Level: 2

Skill Type: Passive

Requirements: One Member.

Description: Leech 5% of a member's Leveler Strength and Primary Strength.

Warning! Removes 5% of the base power of a member's Primary Strength. It won't be returned until the member levels up.

[Leveling Requirements]


Skill: Yoink (Default Skill)

Level: 1

Skill Type: Flexible Active Skill

Requirements: Level 1

Description: Borrow a power and 50% of a member's INT for thirty seconds.

Cooldown: None.

Warning! Yoink borrows 50% of a member's INT for the duration of the attack. Stealing their INT can cause them to lose the necessary power to attack and defend.

It also costs INT and can make members miscalculate how much they have left.

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[Leveling Requirements]

'Great, I'm a parasite.' Leon thought with dead eyes. His one genuine emotional tick was not wanting to manipulate women emotionally for personal gain. Now it was his full-time job.

He continued reading with dead eyes.

Congratulations! You're alive when you should be dead. You are the first person during the God trial to survive past the first day with this power in a millennium.

The Harem God is pleased this century's game has culture and has thus rewarded you with a new skill.


Skill: Odds Defiance

Skill Type: Passive Hidden Skill

Requirements: Reward

Effect: There's a chance that individuals will question why you're alive based upon their perception of you when the odds are heavily stacked against you.

The less they respect you, the higher the chances of Odds Defiance afflicting them.

Creatures will obtain slight consciousness to complete this operation. With slight sentience, there's a chance they'll question why you're still alive like the rest of us.

Duration: Fifteen minutes.

[Leveling Requirements]

'Well, that explains the bats. Turns out the gods did it for their amusement.' Leon chuckled in amusement.

He was glad that the demons weren't taking pity on him. That irked him something savage.

Congratulations! Requirements have been met. You have received a new skill!

Skill: Sick Em'

Level 2

Skill Type: Passive

Requirements (2) - Simultaneous:

1. Member killing a human when the user asks it of them without questioning the order. (Satisfied.)

2. Getting called a [bitch] when attacking them unquestioningly after the user asks them to. (Satisfied.)

Description: When a member follows an order to kill something and does so unquestionably, they receive a (20)% increase in attack power.

[Leveling Requirements]

Leon chuckled in amusement. He regretted his decision not to hold a trial for Timothy, but now he found it was in his favor.

Congratulations! Requirements have been met. You have received a new skill!

Skill: Reward~

Level 1

Skill Type: Active

Requirements: Promise a reward to a member for winning or surviving in a dangerous situation and seeing significant performance output from them.

Description: Make a promise to a member in exchange for a power increase.

The member is forced to follow the order, and the user's promise must be fulfilled within 24 hours unless another period is specified.

Effect: 0-300% multiplier in stats depending on the emotional value of the promise. Calculated from the base feelings of the individual and adjusted to reputation.

If the promise isn't kept, the user will be penalized by the Harem God accordingly. The more powerful the promise, the harsher the punishment.

Cooldown: One week (only effects member it's used on)

[Leveling Requirements]

"Manipulation magic." Leon chuckled in bewilderment.

Congratulations! Requirements have been met. You have unlocked a new skill!

Skill: Survival Charm

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Skill Type: Passive

Requirements (2):

1. The user must convince (2) potential members to listen to their orders unconditionally. (Satisfied.)

2. The user must be actively interested in contracting with the potential members before convincing them to follow their orders. (Satisfied.)

Effect: Increases their trust in the user significantly during times of threat unless the order is malicious or blatantly suicidal.

[Leveling Requirements]

'That's useful.' Leon sighed in relief. He was staring at the first positive skill that didn't come with warnings or involve death.

'Let's pray more skills like this come my way.'

Congratulations! Requirements have been met. You have unlocked a new skill!

Skill: Charm

Level: 1

Skill Type: Flexible Active Skill

Requirements: Level 10

Description: Charm an individual to perform a non-sexual or directly suicidal action.

Effect: 100% influence for fifteen seconds for people stronger at a lower level than you. Decreases by 10% for every five levels above you.

Cooldown: Once per day.

[Leveling Requirements]

'That's a horrifying skill. Ah, that's right, it's the apocalypse. No sense in acting virtuously.' Leon chuckled, 'This power is badass!'

He was thrilled, but the feeling didn't last long. When he saw the last skill, his manipulative personality and emotional tick broke out in a violent argument that woke the gods.

'I'm sure HG and Aphrodite had a ball with this.' Leon thought with a twitching eyebrow.

Congratulations! Harem God and Aphrodite have awarded you a legendary skill!

Patron Note 1: "My man! During a late-night bender with Dites, we concluded that you are entertainment royalty.

Narcissists usually hurt their members and then die immediately. Their experiences are sad, short-lived, and unsatisfying, going against everything people of culture strive for.

Then there's you! You're a sociopath with a quirk for women that, somehow, attracted the most naturally talented member we've ever seen!

Boy, you are a treat to the heavens. Enjoy the gift and keep our blood pumping! - HG

PS. I suggest you try it during sexy time. It's a bonding experience ;)"


Patron Note 2: "Yoo~hoo! It's me again~

Don't tell, but I'm dropping this note to set the record straight because Alci is playing coy.

He wanted to temporarily break the rules and draw women to you like a beacon to help you survive, but he couldn't.

So he boozed me up and put me on the top of his waitlist to get a double sponsor.

I naturally agreed but played coy, so he'd be [extra] enthusiastic when ruffling these feathers. And mmhm!~ARE THEY RUFFFFLED!~ You're a gift that keeps on giving!

Ahem. I wouldn't let Alci cheat but settled with a skill that would keep that trainwreck of a life you're living going. So won't you be a dear and entertain us, lover boy? <3 - Aphrodite.

PS. We're betting on how long your quirk will hold out before using this~power. So make me some money! Muah!~"


Skill: Body Swap

Level: 1

Skill Type: Legendary Active Skill

Requirements: Rewarded Legendary Skill

Effect: Swap bodies with a member for fifteen minutes.

Cooldown: Once per day.

[Leveling Requirements]

'Heh. Well, jokes on you because I'm definitely not, absolutely not, there's no way in hell I'm not… avoiding the use of this power.' Leon declared after a moment of contemplation.

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He drew that conclusion the second he looked at Caitlyn's sleeping face.

'It's not like I won't ask and let someone use my body,' He reasoned, 'and there's no point using this power to sneak a peak when she'll drop everything and give me that upon request.'

Leon sighed and looked out the window at the raging fires burning in the streets.

'I'll take everything I can get right now.'


The window he was staring at a hundred feet away exploded, and the building shook.

Leon sighed. "I never thought I'd say this, but let's hope she's someone that doesn't like waking up."

When Lindy and Sarah shot awake, they turned to Leon.

All three were nonplussed, looking at Caitlyn, laying on Leon with a content expression.


A smaller explosion went off.

She opened her eyes in murderous annoyance, but when she realized Leon was holding her and wasn't moving, she nuzzled into his shoulder with a smile.

"Caitlyn! Wake up!" Lindy screamed.

Caitlyn didn't respond, causing Lindy to turn to Leon in annoyance.

"Do something!" Lindy cried at full volume.

"I'm not sure. What would a normal healthy human do?" Leon mused.


"Gooooooooonnnnnnn!" Boom.

"Miiiiiikkkkakakaka! Miiika!"

CRAAAASH! Boom! BOOM! Crash!

"Ekkkkkkk!" Sarah screamed in a panic why pressing her back against a wall.

The buildings across from them started crumbling from a war taking place outside.

"What!?" Lindy yelled angrily, "We're T-minus skull fucked paradise, during the damn apocalypse, and you're trying to up your social game!?"

Leon turned to her with a puzzled expression.

"Well, sure. We're in a party together, and I want to make this a safe space for you." He replied innocently.

Lindy's forehead burst a blood vessel. "I'm not a social justice warrior, you Sensitive Sally!"

"My apologies for my choice of language. It's just… according to you, my treatment of Caitlyn makes me more dangerous than the monsters." Leon explained, "Since it supersedes monsters in your eyes, doesn't it make sense to address the primary danger first?"

"I can't believe you right now! You have the power to do anything, and you're risking our lives for petty reasons!" Lindy roared, "Maybe I was wrong about your intelligence!"

Leon blinked twice before giving her a razor-sharp, mocking smile. It froze her movements and chilled her to the core.

"You're right," Leon chuckled, "the smart thing to do would be to wake up Caitlyn and leave you both to die. After all, flying's pretty practical."

Lindy and Sarah froze instantly. The former instantly recorrected her comfortability and placement in the party.

"I wouldn't do that if you." Leon laughed in madness.

Lindy was trying to raise her hands, hoping to threaten him into complying. It was a gamble, but she could die at any second and was desperate.

"Why shouldn't I? Princess is asleep. Naturally, she won't hear our negotiation." Lindy replied with narrowed eyes.

"Here's one reason." Leon chuckled, "Six years of stalking gave her a power called Stalker Senses. If you threaten to attack me, she'll wake up alright.

But both of your heads will look like an abstract painting before you can make a request."


The building trembled again, causing Sarah to scream and Lindy to sweat. However, he remained as relaxed as ever.

"Is that why you're not afraid of the building collapsing?" Lindy asked discerningly.

"Correct." Leon replied with a smile.

"Is this your way of proving that joining your harem isn't an option?" She continued.

"Well, it has that side effect." He replied while gliding his eyes in thought.

"However, no. It's more like… how do I say this? I have a mild phobia about manipulating women for sexual means.

I don't mind helping you two, but I'd rather not get berated and triggered the whole time by the person I'm helping.

That temper has benefits in a world like this, but not when it's used against your companions."

"The thing about having a temper problem is that it's a problem." Lindy replied with shame in her eyes, "The same thing can be said of your fucked up head."

"Fair." He chuckled in response.

"Since we've established we're not getting anywhere at the moment, what do you want from me?" She asked with defeated eyes.

"Oh, that. I have a proposal to make." Leon replied with a cunning smile.