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Predatory Marriage (Web Novel)

Chapter 9: - Eyes of a Beast
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Predatory Marriage Chapter 9 – Eyes of a Beast

The already drenched lady part took in his thing, this time, without any struggle. It wasn’t just that. It even sucked it in hungrily, her flesh throbbing endlessly, being stimulated beforehand. She felt ashamed and unfamiliar with her body, acting out of control.

As if it was not yet enough, he skimmed his hands from her calf to her thighs and then grabbed her tight arse.

He pushed as deep as he could, knowing too well that women found utmost pleasure in a particularly deep spot.

“Ahhh… !” Her body quivered in astonishment.

The man lightly slapped her derri*re, leaving hand mark as if to scold her.

“Stay still,” He treated her like a child. He squinted his eyes as she stared with eyes full of tears. He muttered something in a language she didn’t understand. It was the Kurkan’s tongue.

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Then, he swept away his sweaty hair to the back of his head. He gave a brief warning—touching her flushed white hips and soon gripping it—a sure sign of a beginning.

“Stop looking at me like that.”

She didn’t understand what he was talking about. However, she was not given a chance to do so as he grabbed her hips—his lean waist tightening as he pounded savagely.

With his rough handlings, Leah felt that her small body would be torn apart anytime soon.

She turned red in embarrassment, mainly because of her position. Her lower body was in the air—an uncomfortable position where her waist was almost bent with her thighs flushed against his muscled torso. All the while, his thick and long gro*n rubbed against her tender inner skin.

“Ah! Uhmm… Ahh!”

Suddenly, a guttural sound came to her ears. The beastly man groaned in sheer pleasure as her insides shook and tightened. Blue veins surfaced on his neck as his jaw hardened.

With his immeasurable strength, it had become easy for him to grip her legs and open it wider to gain more access. Leah screamed frantically.

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“Oh! Ahhh! You—you’re too fast!”

Contrary to her pleads, the man didn’t seem to go slower. For the seconds that followed, neither the two of them said a word—only the squeaking, gasping breaths, crying, and moaning filled the room.

Nestling his head on the hollow of her neck, Leah bit his shoulder hard and scratched his back with her fingernails. As it became unbearable, her teeth sank on the man’s exposed neckline. Soon, both of their eyes met.


Leah paused. She felt herself drown in his heated gaze. The eyes that glinted gold was indeed the eyes of a beast.

But she wasn’t able to gaze for long. For at the next moment, he kissed her, and Leah opened her lips without hesitation this time.

The bed underneath them creaked that Leah thought it would collapse. But even with the bed protesting under his wild thrusts, the man pounded carelessly. His rock-hard chest pressed down on Leah’s body.


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The man let out a hot moan. His m*nhood swelled up, and a liquid gushed out. It shot all over her lower part. Abnormal amounts of it filled her, hence it could be seen dripping.

With relief that it was finally over, her exhausted drooped on the bed. Eyes heavily lidded, she took a moment to pacify her chaotic breath.

She couldn’t believe he came inside her.

She was told that if certain special conditions were not met, Kurkans could not become pregnant or could impregnate. Nevertheless, the man who came inside without a word of notice seemed ill-mannered.

However, there would be no point in addressing his rudeness. Leah blushed and breathed hard without saying anything.

She felt a little better, so she raised her body carefully. The man still had his g*nit*ls lodged between her legs. When he pulled back gently, his meat slipped out, creating sticky sounds.

Her body trembled by the sensation of his liquid flowing out. Leah, who was covering her stomach with her hands, appeared very flustered.


Just as she was rejoicing over the fact that it had come to an end, his meat stood in attention again. When her eyes scoured all over it, as if in a rebellion against her, it swelled ferociously, conforming to its size when aroused.

The man grinned.

Seeing this, Leah ran away quickly. But in reality, it was only her frantically beating heart that had run miles away. It turns out, she was only able to crawl a measly foot away from him. Her hand barely touched the end of the bed as she felt herself dragged back.

“You can never escape from me,” He easily snatched Leah’s waist. With her former stance—crawling on all fours, he smiled and said, “Good idea, should we try it from the back?”