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Villainous Young Master's Otherworldly Harem

Chapter 15 Danger Of Old Library
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Jun Tianyun returned to his class and attended the rest of the lessons. He was bored as he couldn't help but doze.

In the last session, Teacher Lin came to announce something.

" As many of you know Chen Ye's matter, the academy board has decided not to expel him. However, he needs to pay the medical fees of the Fan brothers."

" He needs to arrange 100,000 yuan in five days. Otherwise, he will get expelled." Teacher Lin spoke in a discontented tone.

" 100,000 Yuan? I thought Chen Ye's family was poor?"

" I wonder how he is going to pay all this money."

" Chen Ye..." Li Yuling muttered.

Jun Tianyun sighed as he never doubted Chen Ye's ability. He had already moved forward the plot of Chen Ye.

" Poor background? No money? It doesn't matter. He is the master of Yin Yang eyes."

" For now, He can either go to a Casino to earn money or the famous Jade cutting game."

" I have already asked Wang Ming to monitor his movement. As long as he takes any of the two choices, he will fall into my trap!"

Jun Tianyun already spread the news about hen Ye's misdeed. With Ming's influence, they added some salt and pepper to it. The rumours spread like wildfire, downing the reputation of Chen Ye.

[ Ding! The reputation of Chen Ye falls! Host receives +20 Destiny points!]

[ Ding! The reputation of Chen Ye falls! Host receives +20 Destiny points!]

" Hmm, Although I am getting Destnity Points, His destiny Point isn't decreasing. It means that he got some more advantages."

" I have to en this man's whole career." Jun Tianyun thought.

"Principal Du is an important figure. Kill him? Nah, I am not that cruel."

" Let's push him to a corner. Then he couldn't help Chen Ye even he wishes." Jun Tianyun chuckled.

" Student Jun, Come to my office. I need your help with some work again." Teacher Lin called Jun Tianyun.

Jun Tianyun again helped Lin Ruoxi. Lin Ruoxi couldn't help but be startled by the deep knowledge of Jun Tianyun.

" Jun Tianyun, from your knowledge, Getting into the top university won't be a problem. However, you mustn't get arrogant and keep studying diligently." Teacher Lin warned.

" I understand, Teacher." Jun Tianyun bowed. " Teacher Lin, Thanks for taking care of me."

" No need for such formality. I can at least do this for you." Teacher Lin smiled.

" Teacher Lin, Shall I accompany you to your home again?" Jun Tianyun chuckled.

" Why? Am I going to face misfortune again?" Teacher Lin was startled.

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" No, But I think you might get happy today." Jun Tianyun laughed.

" Is that so?" Teacher Lin was a little doubtful.

" Ah, Teacher Lin, I wish to borrow some books from the old library. Can I go there?" Jun Tianyun suddenly asked.

" Old library? That place is quite dusty. Here, keep my token and you can get those books." Teacher Lin nodded.

Jun Tianyun entered the old library. It was divided into three floors. Thousands of books were placed neatly on the bookshelves.

Jun Tianyun opened his Eyes of Fortune as he scanned everything around him. With some green and blue lights, nothing more appeared.

" Let's go to the basement." Jun Tianyun sneaked to the basement.

The basement looked unusually gloomy, with cobwebs here and there. It looked like it hasn't been cleaned for a while.

Jun Tianyun opened his Eyes of Fortune, but what he saw made him shiver. The entire room is filled with red colored light as if fresh blood is dripping.

Jun Tianyun could also see a faint spot, which was completely black. Jun Tianyun could feel an inexplicable sense of horror when he looked at that dark spot.

" Holy shit! This room is nothing more than a death trap." Jun Tianyun pulled out his Fireball Talisman as he slowly got away.

But suddenly, He could see a bright golden orb at the end of the room. The golden rays were bright. It felt the same as the golden pillars which Jun Tianyun saw when he transmigrated to this world.

" So! There is a treasure of the rank of the protagonist's golden finger. However, the danger lurking here is no joke."

" Even small-time gangsters are represented by yellow color. However, black color appears amidst red color, this place is ominous." Jun Tianyun sweated bullets.

" Little Jun, I can feel a presence of a spirit. It gave a malicious aura to me."

" You better stay away from it unless you have any plan." Su Qingyao's voice spoke in his ears.

" Yes. I should prepare something more powerful. I don't think my Fireball Talisman can handle it." Jun Tianyun shivered.

Jun Tianyun came back to the upper floor and casually walked into the library.

After he left, a black shadow slowly appeared.

" Hmm, I am sure something delicious was here. Never mind, Soon, I shall break this seal. kekekeke."

A burst of eerie laughter drifted.


[ Ding! Host has accumulated 100 Destiny points! Consume 1500 Fortune points to unlock a new system function?]

Jun Tianyun clicked on ''Yes'' as 1500 fortune points were deducted.

[ Ding! Host unlocked new attribute window! Class!]

Jun Tianyun opened his status window.

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Host: Jun Tianyun

Power: 50

Destiny: 100/200

Fortune points: 200

Charm: 120

Skills: Three Styles of Wind Fist (Unable to use), Eyes of Fortune Lv1, Eight Point Spirit Needle Art Lv1


Fortune Teller: Lv1 [ 25%]

Cook: Lv1

Painting Saint: Lv Max

Calligraphy Saint: Lv Max

Music Saint: Lv Max

Chess Formation Saint: Lv Max

Rune Master: Lv 1(40%)

Technician: ( Sealed)

" Progress bar? Is it the same as a game?" Jun Tianyun was startled.

" Hard work always bears fruit. Although you can learn anything by using Fortune Points, You need to use that specific skill and raise your proficiency to increase its level."

" As for the class, You need to perform corresponding duties to increase the progress bar. For example, for cooking, You need to cook various dishes."

" After filling the progress bars to the maximum, you can use Fortune points to level it up. However, some classes would require you to do Special Quests. Only after completing Special Quests, You an increase the class level."

" If you don't complete them, your profession level will decrease."

" Hmm, It will cost 50 fortune points to level up Cooking skills. Alright, let's do this." Jun Tianyun nodded as he spent 50 fortune points to level up his Cooking Skills.

[ Ding! Cooking Skill promoted to Lv 2]

" Well, I don't feel anything different." Jun Tianyun shrugged.

" Since I can learn skills like a game, I will learn everything." Ju Tianyun spoke. " Hmm, but squandering fortune point isn't good. I need to learn essential skills only."

He scanned the library to see if there is any books he could master. Jun Tianyun scanned the whole library for 100 fortune points. However, he didn't learn them.

" I can visualize them inside God's Space.

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"Sister Su, if you get bored, then you can study these books inside God's Space." Jun Tianyun chuckled.

" You can try this book, Journey To the West, or Legend of White Snake. They are very nice. "

" Hmm, Little Jun is sure considerate for me."

Su Qingayo couldn't help but giggle.

The class was almost over as Jun Tianyun went to Teacher Lin.

" Ah, You are here. Let's go." Teacher Lin nodded.

" Teacher Lin, I heard some rumors about the old library's basement. Is that true?" Jun Tianyun asked.

" I am not sure. However, It was said that the basement is haunted. That place used to be a temple, fifty years ago. However, it was demolished and turned into a building.

After that, some mysterious deaths started to happen. However, a Daoist came and sealed that place."

" But still, some people die bizarrely every 4-3 years. That's why it's like a forbidden area." Teacher Lin shivered slightly.

" Teacher Lin, from your qualification, you can become a professor at a university. Why are you working at Purple Star Academy?" Jun Tianyun asked.

" Well, You can say I am getting some work experience. Besides, You need to have some special connections to easily work in a university."

" I don't know any members of the upper echelon." Teacher Lin shook her head.

" Don't worry, Teacher Lin. You will surely get into a good university." Jun Tianyun spoke confidently.

" Thanks for your words, Jun Tianyun." Teacher Lin smiled.

pAn,Da n<0,>v,e1 " Ah, So you live here, Teacher Lin." Jun Tianyun saw the house of Teacher Lin. " Teacher Lin, can I have some water?"

" Sure, Come inside." Teacher Lin spoke as she beckoned Jun Tianyun.

Jun Tianyun saw a messy room. It almost looked like a home of a shut-in. What's more, he could also see a pair of undergarments on the sofa.

" AHH!" Teacher Lin flushed as she hurriedly gathered her clothes. " I am sorry for such things."

" Ahem, Black color is good." Jun Tianyun chuckled.

Teacher Lin's face flushed as she entered her bedroom. After a while, she came out wearing black pajamas. Even with her loose dress, her figure looked ample.

" Wow, Teacher Lin, you look attractive even in ordinary clothes." Jun Tianyun gave a thumbs up.

" You are quite a smooth talker, aren't you?" Teacher Lin chuckled as she brought some water for Jun Tianyun.

" Ahh! I am so tired. I had to do lots of work today." Teacher Lin sighed as she sat on the sofa. She stretched her body lazily.

" Teacher Lin, if You don't mind, Can I massage you? I learned this technique from an ancient book." Jun Tianyun spoke in a hesitant voice.

" Are-are you sure?" Teacher Lin was startled as her face flushed slightly.

" I- I don't have any ill motive. I just wanted to help Teacher Lin." Jun Tianyun hurriedly spoke.

" Um, If student Jun is free, You can massage my shoulders."

Teacher Lin nodded after some thought.