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6 Times a Day

Chapter 18 Katherine’s Diary
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After dinner, Suzanne came over once more while wearing a new dress, if one could call it that. Her lower extremities were covered well enough, but the two strips of orange cloth that crossed each other over her breasts and again in the back left little to the imagination.

Katherine sat with them in the living room and they all played cards, which they sometimes did after dinner.

Katherine was a bit taken aback by the clothing of the two women, especially Suzanne's dress. Suzanne often raised her arms, yawning frequently or at least pretending to. It seemed obvious to Katherine that such movements were intended specifically to excite Alan.

Katherine thought to herself, Brother's totally checking out Aunt Suzy! He's spellbound by the view of her boobs. It almost seems as if Mom isn't wearing a bra either, but that can't be. Can it?

Although Katherine had always seemed to be a prudish, shy girl, she was so flummoxed by the strange situation that she just had to say something. "Hey, Aunt Suzy. That dress of yours. It's very, uh..."

"Sexy?" Suzanne suggested helpfully. She casually struck a provocative pose, with her arms behind her head. At the same time, she looked right at Alan with an almost pleading expression on her face.

Susan looked toward Alan with worry. She felt this whole situation was very improper.

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"Yeah, very sexy," Katherine replied. She felt flummoxed by how aroused Suzanne's curvaceous body was making her feel, especially in that pose.

Suzanne dropped her arms and smiled at Katherine. "Oh, thank you! You noticed! You're probably wondering why I'm wearing it. As you know, Sweetie has been completely down in the dumps for almost a week. And he's totally fallen off his 'schedule.'" That was another euphemism, referring to his chart of the number of times he got sexual relief in a day while avoiding speaking about it so bluntly.

Suzanne continued, "So your mother and I decided that if we made things around here a little bit sexier, we could break him out of his depression over Christine, and at the same time get his libido going again. Today's our first full day of motivating him this way. According to him, it appears to be working. Look how much happier he is already! Sweetie, do you think this dress is sexy?"

Everyone looked at Alan. Susan was frowning with worry.

There was no doubt Alan was smiling and happy, if a bit in awe. He was practically struck stupid by Suzanne's sexiness, so much so that he was losing badly at their card game. "Uh, yeah," was all he could manage.

Suzanne continued, "If you feel comfortable doing it, you can also dress a bit more sexily, Angel. The more the merrier. Right, Sweetie?"

"Okay!" Katherine answered before Alan could, and before Susan could object. She loved having an excuse to dress in a revealing way for her brother, especially since she'd started doing that already.

Susan quickly interjected, "The emphasis there is on 'a bit.' Let's not overdo this, okay? Everything in moderation. Isn't your dress a little too much, Suzanne? I mean, really!"

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Suzanne stated forcefully, "No, it's not. We have to go all out to help him. And that includes Angel. She definitely can help inspire him."

Susan sighed. "I suppose, if you think so." She looked to her daughter with worry. "But only in this house, is that clear, Angel? I feel horrible just thinking about some strange man looking at my daughter with lust in his eyes."

Katherine giggled happily. "Sure. What a great idea! Of course I'll help out. Anything for my number one brother!"

"Hey, I'm your only brother," said Alan.

"That's why you're my number one brother," she joked. Then she added, to mollify her mother, "And of course I'll only dress inspirationally in the house, or the backyard. I don't want some pervy guy looking at me with 'lust in his eyes' either."

Susan exhaled with relief. "Thank goodness for that."

Then Katherine added with a cheeky wink, "Unless it's my brother, of course."

No more was said of such things that evening.

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Susan was distraught by this kind of teasing from Katherine, with the prospect of more in the future. She was tempted to lecture her children in private, but she didn't know what she could say, since she had accepted that Alan needed a lot of help with visual stimulation. Besides, Suzanne seemed confident that everything was fine, which reassured her somewhat.

— — —

Later, Katherine sat down at her desk. She pulled out a locked diary from a secret spot in the back of a drawer, took out a key from a hook she'd hung behind a painting done by Amy, and unlocked it.

She'd been recording her thoughts in her diary for years, but kept its existence private. She'd never even told her best friend Amy about it because that was where she recorded her ultra-secret incestuous feelings for her brother. She wrote:


Dear Diary,

It looks like Aunt Suzy has the same kind of thoughts that I've been having. Sexing things up. That's good. That gives me the green light to step things up some more.

But what's her motive? Is it just trying to help out Brother, or does she want him too? If she does, she doesn't have the whole incest problem to deal with like I do, plus she's like a thousand times sexier than I am. I can't compete!

But on the other hand, if she keeps pushing, maybe that could open doors for me too. Maybe we could all help him out. It's probably my only serious chance to turn my dreams into reality. I'm not that good at talking Mom into stuff, but Aunt Suzy can talk her into doing just about anything. She's amazing, and she knows it.



Suzanne did not in fact visit Alan's room again that evening. She decided, I'll have to pace myself more if I don't want Susan to get suspicious or mad. Making her wear that maid outfit was really pushing my luck. If I get caught naked with Sweetie straight on the heels of that I'll be in big trouble. Best let things cool down a bit for a few days. All in all, my plan to seduce him is working like a charm. All I need is patience.