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Apocalypse Of All Races

Chapter 25
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Chapter 25: Action

Translator: Lordbluefire

At night, Su Yu stayed in Liu Wenyan’s house. Everything was good, safe for the fact that the old mister had woken up several times in the night, which caused Su Yu to be startled away.

As expected, age showed no mercy to anyone.

Liu Wenyan who had yet to achieve will manifestation was just an ordinary old man despite being at the Thousand Pound Realm.

Because he had cultivated the Origin Gathering Art once and had actively absorbed origin qi, Su Yu felt that his cultivation speed was relatively fast during these two days.

It should be due to the origin qi tempering that day, and his nine apertures had been temporarily opened.

After his left ear aperture was opened, Su Yu could feel during these few days that his right ear aperture would open soon as well.

“I should find a time and show that I’ve reached the fourth level of the Origin Opening Realm. In any case, I’ve spent half a year in the third level, so it isn’t strange that I can break through to the fourth level if my luck is good.”

As for having good cultivation talent, what excuses wouldn’t work?

He could just say that in the past, he mainly focused on learning the all-races languages and didn’t work hard in cultivation. Couldn’t this be an excuse?

Now that he was working hard and swiftly reached the fourth or even the fifth level, it shouldn’t be strange, right?

Su Yu silently mused that he should head to school with Liu Wenyan on the second day.

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Because by following Liu Wenyan, Su Yu started to understand a lot more things.


In the office.

The academy head came again and wasn’t surprised to see Su Yu. He already knew about this matter yesterday.

“The Skywater City nearby has suffered attacks during these two days. There were many casualties among the city guards.

“Over here in Nanyuan, last night…” The academy head hesitated before speaking, “A small village located with its back to a mountain was attacked. Several people died, and only a few children survived by hiding in an underground tunnel. The All-Races Sect attacked, and our city guards are already chasing after them.”

Liu Wenyan’s face turned cold. “These b*stards!”

Very soon, Liu Wenyan suppressed his anger and said, “They have indeed come to Nanyuan! It’s still the same trick. They want to create chaos to divide our strength here. It seems that they have a huge plan ongoing!”

After that, Liu Wenyan spoke again, “The Longwu Guards still can’t find the location of their main force?”


The academy head was very helpless as well. “They are hidden very deeply. Right now, Nanyuan City is lacking in manpower, so we cannot spread out our net to search everywhere. If part of the force we spread out is ambushed and killed, things will become troublesome.”

“What did the Great Xia Prefecture say?”

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Liu Wenyan felt a little anxious. The people from the All-Races Sect had truly come.


Since Nanyuan was just a minor city, its defenses were simply too weak. On the other hand, the Great Xia Prefecture had many elites, so even if they only sent a few experts as reinforcement, the All-Races Sect wouldn’t dare to act so impudently.

“The city lord has already sent the request for reinforcements. However, other cities are doing the same thing as well, and the Great Xia Prefecture still has to focus on guarding the prefecture city to prevent the All-Races Sect from creating chaos there. So…”

“There are no reinforcements?” Liu Wenyan felt a little angry. “In that case, we should seek aid from a few university-level academies!”

The academy head felt somewhat helpless. “I’ve asked them, but recently, war has broken out on the frontlines, and the universities have sent many of their teachers and students to reinforce the frontlines. Up until now, they have yet to return. Also, they need people to protect their own academies, and they are more important than Nanyuan, so…”

“Can’t they spare a few Soaring Realm experts?”

Liu Wenyan grew increasingly angered. “They don’t lack Soaring Realm experts, so they should send a few over. The All-Races Sect wouldn’t send too powerful of a force to Nanyuan City!”

The academy head spoke depressedly, “Don’t vent your anger at me, it is useless. I already said that all other cities are requesting reinforcements. Moreover, Nanyuan isn’t a crucial point among the 28 cities. Some other cities are more important, so Great Xia will naturally provide them with reinforcements first.”

Upon hearing this, Liu Wenyan also felt helpless. “The vast Great Xia Prefecture is actually forced by the All-Races Sect to send reinforcements everywhere. The Longwu Guards…are truly trash!”

“Cough, cough!”

The academy head coughed. A voice then drifted in from outside, “Teacher Liu, the All-Races Sect merely acted at the correct time. Ten days ago, 3,000 Longwu Guards rushed to the Allskies Battlefield, so…we are indeed shorthanded at this moment.”

“It’s only because the internal department of your Longwu Guards couldn’t keep your movements a secret. I don’t even know that 3,000 Longwu Guards have been deployed, but the All-Races Sect knew. So, it’s still your mistake!”

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Liu Wenyan wasn’t afraid of the Longwu Guards, so he spoke bluntly, “Even if the Longwu Guards have no problem, there’s a problem with the Great Xia Prefecture. There are definitely spies from the All-Races Sect, or how would they know where your main force went to? This is why they chose to come to Great Xia to wreak havoc!”

The person from the Longwu Guards didn’t reply. This was the truth.

Not long after the Longwu Guards’ main force departed, the people from the All-Races Sect came. Evidently, the information was leaked.

If not, the All-Races Sect wouldn’t have dared to go to Great Xia with the Longwu Guards being stationed there.

“Now isn’t the time to quarrel!”

The academy head interrupted their conversation. He then spoke, “Old Liu, why don’t you look for the Great Xia Civilization Academy and borrow a few Soaring Realm experts?”

“Do I need you to remind me? I’ve asked them since this morning. However, even if they rush over, they will need a day at the very least.”

“Did they agree to send reinforcement?”

“They did, but…” Liu Wenyan continued helplessly, “They won’t stay here for too long. They said they will be here to receive the students and will leave with them together. They won’t help us to defend this place.”

“That can work too!”

The academy head was overjoyed. It was good that they agreed to send reinforcements.

However, Liu Wenyan wasn’t so excited. He was filled with dissatisfaction as he spoke, “Even if the Longwu Guards left, the fact that chaos has erupted through Great Xia is very embarrassing! I wonder if Great Xia has been too peaceful during these few years, and the military has slackened!”

Liu Wenyan was merely saying these, so the academy head naturally wouldn’t give a reply.

The Longwu Guard outside also didn’t reply because it was indeed somewhat embarrassing. Countless people proclaimed the Longwu Guards as the strongest force in Grand Xia, but they were all having headaches due to the All-Races Sect. This really didn’t conform to Great Xia’s strength.

Su Yu acted as a spectator throughout and silently listened, not interrupting them.

These matters were something the upper echelons in Nanyuan City had to deal with. He wasn’t qualified to participate.

As for Liu Wenyan’s side, Su Yu did feel somewhat strange. Although Liu Wenyan’s status wasn’t low, his martial strength was weak. Discussing such matters with Liu Wenyan shouldn’t be too useful, right?