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As An Immortal, I Only Learn Forbidden Skills-Novel2

Chapter 32
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Third-Class Martial Artist

“A bowl of secret martial arts medicine?” Jiang Ming was shocked. Didn’t they have to wait three months later at Tiger Hunting Village before they could drink it?

Immediately, he realized that Pharmacist Feng was taking care of him on purpose. The delivery of goods to collect the medicinal stew was just an excuse.

Pharmacist Feng was in charge of the distribution of the secret medicine in the village, so it was nothing to give a bowl to anyone. However, Jiang Ming was a newcomer, after all, so he could not do anything too outrageous.

He did not expect that his low-profile and serious work would bring him such benefits.

“Thank you, Pharmacist Feng,” Jiang Ming quickly said.

“Alright. Go back and prepare after you’re done sorting out the medicinal herbs. I’ll go and boil some medicinal stew,” Pharmacist Feng said with a smile. He was extremely satisfied with Jiang Ming. He was not in a hurry, diligent, and low-key. It would be even better if he could become a martial artist. He still had an unmarried granddaughter. action

* * *

In the afternoon, Jiang Ming went out with two men from the village, escorting a carriage full of goods to the Wang family.

There were three big crock jars tied to the cart, and even though they were covered with cloth, the strong smell of blood still came out.

“Mr. Peng, what’s inside?” Jiang Ming asked.

One of the men was Peng Lu. Hearing this, he patted the jar and said with a smile, “The organs and blood of tigers are all treasures used for martial arts. They can be refined into all kinds of secret medicines. Just that jar of tiger blood alone is worth a hundred taels of silver.”

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Jiang Ming was speechless. Not everyone can earn this kind of money. It was said that the fierce beasts in the deepest part of the Cloudy Dream Mountain Forest could even tear martial artists apart. They were extraordinary. Even Guan Feng did not dare break into the deepest part of the Cloudy Dream Mountain Forest.

The three of them passed through several streets of the city and finally entered a secluded courtyard that occupied a large area.

It was the Wang family’s residence.

In Great Cloud City, the Wang family was the most powerful force other than the government. They once had two first-class martial artists, but now they only had one left. However, their foundation was not something that other forces could compare to.

The mission went very smoothly. After a steward of the Wang Family inspected the goods a little, he handed over a few silver notes to Peng Lu.

“That’s the Wang family’s martial arts practice field,” Peng Lu said when they passed by a square as they left.

In the square, there were many people practicing martial arts. Jiang Ming glanced at them. Whether it was the quantity or the quality, they were better than the Tiger Hunting Village.

“It’s a pity that the Wang family doesn’t have enough talents in the younger generation. The current first-class martial artists are almost a hundred years old,” another man said in a low voice as if he was gloating.

Peng Lu was just about to say something when he suddenly caught a glimpse of a figure and hurriedly said, “Shut up.”

“Heroes of Tiger Hunting Village, thank you for your hard work!” A woman in a plain white dress walked over and said in a natural and poised manner.

Jiang Ming looked over. The woman had a slim figure and a soft and quiet face, and she exuded the temperament of a lady from a noble family. It was Miss Wang who had gone to Peace Town to release the fish.

Peng Lu hurriedly replied with a few polite words. Although they were both first-class forces, there was still a gap between Tiger Hunting Village and the Wang family. Moreover, the identity of the Wang family’s eldest young miss was also extraordinary.

“Is this young man also from Tiger Hunting Village?” Miss Wang suddenly looked at Jiang Ming and said with a smile, “Hello, I remember you snatching my fish in Peace Town.”

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Jiang Ming’s eyes widened as if he had seen a ghost. He just glanced at her a few times. How could she remember him?

Peng Lu was also dumbfounded. He heard that Jiang Ming was an idiot, but he did not expect him to be so fierce. He dared snatch Miss Wang’s things?

Miss Wang chuckled, “No need to be surprised; I’m not trying to hold a grudge. It’s just that I’ve had an eidetic memory since I was a child.”

She was really powerful. What else could Jiang Ming say? He could only flatter her and then explain that he had been practicing martial arts for a long time and was lucky enough to join Tiger Hunting Village.

Only when they left the Wang family did Peng Lu let out a long sigh of relief. He looked at Jiang Ming with admiration. “You’re really wild; you even dared catch the fish that Miss Wang set free and eat it.”

Jiang Ming said indifferently, “The life in that town has no next meal. Who cares if it’s the Wang family’s fish?”

However, this incident also made Jiang Ming vigilant. In the future, in addition to always paying attention to his style of doing things, if he really wanted to do something that could not be seen in the light, it was better to change his appearance.

“I’ve had that disguise technique for a long time, but I haven’t really used it yet. It seems that I have to learn it.”

* * *

After returning to the village, Jiang Ming and the other two each took a bowl of secret martial arts medicine practice and drank it. Then, they began to practice their fist techniques in the training field.

Peng Lu and Jiang Ming did not say much about Jiang Ming getting the secret medicine. They had a tacit understanding of this kind of thing. After all, their secret medicine was also in the hands of Pharmacist Feng.

“The effects of this secret medicine are indeed extraordinary!” Jiang Ming practiced the Leather Tiger Bone Technique and was happy.

The secret medicine that he had gotten from Elder Tong was more focused on increasing muscle strength, which in turn increased blood Qi. However, after drinking Pharmacist Feng’s medicinal stew, Jiang Ming could feel that his blood Qi was boiling, and the blood Qi in his body seemed to be relaxing.

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“Perhaps I will be able to break through today!”

Jiang Ming was excited. He practiced the Leather Tiger Bone Technique again and again. His speed was steady. He did not want to expose his strength, but he also wanted to understand the fist technique.

At this critical juncture, it was no longer something that could be solved by gritting one’s teeth and practicing. The more important thing was to grasp that wisp of illusory force.

Evening rolled by. The effect of the medicine was almost gone. Peng Lu and the others were ready to leave, but Jiang Ming was still practicing.

“Even if you’re stunned, you’re really playing with your life when you practice martial arts.” Peng Lu looked at Jiang Ming and also revealed a respectful expression.

The men of Tiger Hunting Village did not play around. They only respected people who were stronger than them. The seriousness and persistence that Jiang Ming had shown during this period of time had already conquered many people in the village. Peng Lu admitted that he absolutely could not do such a disdainful thing.

Gradually, night fell, and the training ground was empty.

As Jiang Ming practiced, a trace of enlightenment finally rose in his heart. There seemed to be an additional fiendish Qi in the fist technique.

If he had practiced the Leather Tiger Bone Technique in the past, he would have the form and intent now!

“The momentum of a fierce tiger is indomitable!” Jiang Ming said softly. He had finally stepped into the third-class realm.

The blood Qi in his body was like an arrow, circulating continuously throughout his body like a river.

When the blood Qi circulated to his legs, Jiang Ming felt his body become light, as if he could move a thousand feet in an instant. When the blood Qi circulated to his shoulders and arms, Jiang Ming felt that his strength was like a spring, and he could carry a giant cauldron weighing a ton.

“This is a third-class martial artist. The difference between a third-class martial artist and an unranked one is like the difference between the sky and the ground.”

Jiang Ming sighed with emotion.

In the days that followed, Jiang Ming continued to keep a low profile. He practiced martial arts and worked every day. Occasionally, he would get a bowl of secret medicine from Pharmacist Feng.

Finally, a month after this batch of newcomers joined the Tiger Hunting Village, an announcement was made.

“Tomorrow, we’ll go into the mountains to hunt for tigers!” Guan Feng’s eyes were as sharp as a knife as he looked at the dozens of people below, “If you back out now, there’s still time.”