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Back to the Sixties: Farm, Get Wealthy & Raise the Cubs-Novel2

Chapter 697: Side story three: Eldest, Zhou Kai
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Chapter 697: Side story three: Eldest, Zhou Kai

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Zhou Kai entered the camp at the age of 19. Since then, he had climbed up. When he was 30 years old, he had already taken the position of a major.

His future was truly unlimited.

But don't know why, Zhou Kai occasionally had these dreams.

In his dream, he became a person without a proper career He led his two younger brothers into the dark. The kind of path that was dark all the way.

He even dreamed that he was finally executed because of taking the wrong path in life.

When the bullet hit, he immediately awakened. Although he knew it was a dream, he was still very scared.

In fact he didn't know why he could have such a thrilling dream.

He had never taken an incorrect path and had followed the party's orders and directions strictly.

The good thing was that he taken this dream as an early warning after having it once. He told himself to remember never take the wrong path anytime and anywhere.

Zhou Kai's own life was going very smoothly. It can be regarded as smooth sailing. From time to time, he will talk to his old friends on the phone.

His old friend was Han Xu Jie, who married to a girl named Zhong Qing. The two lived happily and gave birth to a genius son.

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Zhou Kai didn't envy Han Xu Jie being sent straight to the province. He envied his old friend's family for having such a son.

He and Weng Mei Jia's son wasn't unwise. Just can't be compared with theirs.

The cleverness of other was used for the right way. The cleverness of his son was used for mischievious things.

Since the age of three, he had been an existence that dogs hate to see. From the age of five, cats and dogs hide away at the first sight of him. This was simply what one would called cats and dogs terrified at the scent.

Since the age of seven, what Weng Mei Jia and Zhou Kai do the most often was apologizing to those who knocked on the door.

The brat was too naughty. Zhou Kai had often whipped him with a belt.

He really wasn't the kind to hit children. His dad had never hit him and his brothers since he was young. Now that he was a dad, how can he hit them?

But there was really no other way. Not hitting can't do. Zhou Kai used to think that he was unruly. He was mischievous when he was a child. Though he was mischievous, he had never been so disobedient.

When he was a kid, his mom would use a meal to make not so naughty. If he dared to be overly naughty, his mom would make good food and then get him to stand in the corner and watch his brothers eat. The torture couldn't be any more terrible.

However, this kid didn't care. He was born with a golden key. He was not a glutton like they were when they were young. Can't even tempt him at all. So he had no choice but to hit.

However, hitting was useful. The brat's bones became too resilient.

In the end, he had no other option. He called his parents and directly sent him to the capital.

After his departure, the whole camp felt that the air was fragrant. The cats and dogs all came out for a stroll.

Zhou Kai's son was called Zhou Ju.

Lin Qing He just called this grandson little Ye Ma as his temper was indeed wild enough.

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So as soon as he arrived, Grandmother Lin Qing He and Grandfather Zhou Qing Bai took him with them on their travel while it was summer vacation. After returning from the trip, little Ye Ma behaved more.

Because his grandparents promised him, as long as he is obedient, they will take him with them on their travel.

He went off to school to study. He behaved for a semester. Only fought three times at school, which was considered a great improvement.

Have to say, little Ye Ma preferred to be in the capital. He didn't like to go to the camp.

The capital was a lot of fun. In summer, his grandfather would take him to swim. In winter, he would take him to ice-skating. magic

Of course, his most favorite was the farm in the suburbs.

Every week, he must go there on his day off. He went over to ride horses and to feed horses. Riding oxen and donkeys was fine too. He did it all.

What's more, there were also two little brothers who were resistant to beatings. They happily played with him as they were more resistant to beatings.

Little Ye Ma loved the environment of the farm. It was very spacious. When he came here in the morning, he usually go back at night. Don't know where all this energy came from. The energy was extremely vigorous.

When talking on the phone with his parents, he told his parents that he won't go back there. It was very boring. The place was small and there was nothing fun. He liked the capital city.

There were so many things to play.

For example, in his grandparent's courtyard dwelling. His grandfather raised a few talking mynas and parrots. He liked to teach them to talk.

In short, this side was better. The camp was bad. He didn't want to go back. If his parents are free, they can come to the capital to see him.

Very carefree. None of chick feeling attached to its bird's nest.

Although he was a mischievous bear, he was a stinky boy with a sense of justice. Just very kindergarten-like. He was very easy to sort when his fur was smoothed the right way.

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He didn't care if one beat him, scolds him or even stop his pocket money. But if he was told he won't be taken along on the next trip and he will not be taken to the farm next week, then he won't dare. He will restrain himself a lot more.

As the eldest grandson of Zhou Family, Lin Qing He didn't want to grow him into a greenhouse flower. Even when he was wild, it wouldn't matter as long as he walked the right path.

Little Ye Ma got along with his grandfather. However, he was a little afraid when his grandmother have a scornful expression.

Because his grandmother was the biggest in the family. His grandmother said one, no one would dare to say two. She was even worse than him. If she was really provoked, she can do what she says. Won't let him play anything. Nor take him when going somewhere.

As a result, Lin Qing He often complained to Zhou Qing Bai in private that he spoiled his grandson to no end.

If little Ye Ma was a son, Zhou Qing Bai would definitely not agree. Closer with a generation gap wasn't a joke. Zhou Qing Bai liked this grandson very much.

He was a bit naughty. Still, he can attract people's doting.

When little Ye Ma was sent to the capital, his great-grandparents were still alive. The two elderly also loved him dearly like he was the root of their life.

To put it bluntly, he looked exactly like his dad when he was a child.

Little Ye Ma mentally commented that he didn't want to be like that tyrant dad.

Though he was naughty when he was a child, he gradually became sensible as he grew up. Especially when he entered high school. He was 1.85 meters tall. With his parents' genes, he would definitely not be less than 1.9 meters in the future.

After growing up, little Ye Ma was really sensible and filial.

In the past, his grandparents took him out to play. Once he grew up, he took his grandparents out to travel. Always during the summer vacation.

Of course, when going, his siblings from his second uncle and third uncle's family joined.

Little Ye Ma, who had the conscious of being the eldest brother, took care of them. He handled all the bills when they go out. They only need to be responsible for eating, drinking, and having fun.

After entering military academy, little Ye Ma learned from his dad and followed his dad's footsteps.

Zhou Family's huge gate will need him to support it in the future.