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Born again who will fall in love?

Chapter 20 - 20: Dazzling Moonlight
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Chapter 20: Chapter 20: Dazzling Moonlight

Chapter 20: Dazzling White Moonlight

Jiang Qin was stunned after listening, then pursed his lips.

"All you do all day is play the piano and dance. Your happiest moments are reading fantasy adventure s. I've taken you shopping these past few days, brought you to soak in hot springs, and even endured the embarrassment of riding a Ferris wheel with you. When you compare the two, it's strange if you don't feel lonely."

"Let's go, pack your things."

"Where are we going?"

"I'm taking you to a bar to watch the Olympics."

Feng Nanshu's eyes instantly lit up. She immediately grabbed her small bag, tidied up her books and put them back on the shelf, and then followed Jiang Qin downstairs.

It was still the middle of the day, and the bar was not open yet. However, as the person in charge of this bar, opening it was as simple as Jiang Qin saying a word. Moreover, there were benefits to having no customers at the moment, which helped ease the social anxiety of someone like Feng Nanshu.

Jiang Qin brought Feng Nanshu into the bar, pointed to a seat for her to sit in, and then carried a wooden board from the business area and placed it at the entrance.

At this moment, four figures suddenly rushed across the street.

The first one was a chubby guy, followed by a well-groomed and handsome young man, and finally, two girls with shoulder bags.



Jiang Qin raised his eyes and looked over, only to find that it was Guo Zihang, Qin Ziang, Yu Shasha, and Wang Huiru: "What are you guys doing here?"

Guo Zihang was sweating profusely from running, but he had a proud look in his eyes that was hard to describe: "I told them that you're running this bar now, but they didn't believe me, so I brought them here to see for themselves!"

Wang Huiru immediately spoke up: "I never said I didn't believe it. I just came here for fun. It's Yu Shasha who didn't believe it."

"I didn't say I didn't believe it either. I came here on behalf of our Chu Siqi!"

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Yu Shasha pouted and couldn't help but look Jiang Qin up and down: "Did you really spend three hundred thousand to rent this bar?"

"Don't listen to Guo Zihang's nonsense."

"I told you, where did you get 300,000 from?"

Guo Zihang's face instantly turned red. "Jiang Ge, you clearly told me 300,000!"

Jiang Qin clicked his tongue. "I said 320,000. Are you so loose with money that 20,000 doesn't matter to you? Are you rounding it off?"

"Oh, right, it's 320,000!"

Upon hearing this, Qin Ziang, who had been silent, suddenly changed his expression.

This was seriously hanging by a thread. Thankfully, it was Yu Shasha who had spoken earlier and not himself. Otherwise, that slap might have landed on his own face.

Yu Shasha indeed felt like she had been slapped and couldn't muster a response for a while.

But Jiang Qin didn't mind.

He was an adult; there was no need to hold a grudge against a group of kids.

He set up the blackboard, opened the door for the four people to enter, and asked them to find a place to sit anywhere. Then he went to turn on the four televisions placed in the middle of the bar.

To be honest, the bar's environment was indeed suitable for hosting small gatherings like this. First, it had an atmosphere, and second, it had unlimited drinks.

Watching a diving competition or a ping pong match here, listening to the cheers around, was definitely more exciting than watching at home.

Yu Shasha and Wang Huiru were visiting a bar for the first time, and they were a bit cautious when they entered, fearing that there might be all sorts of strange creatures inside. However, once they saw that there were no weird characters around, they instantly relaxed.

Meanwhile, Qin Ziang watched Jiang Qin's back and sneered. He thought, let you show off for a couple of days. When I get home, I'll ask my dad to open a bar too and copy your business model to make money. Will you be jealous or not?

However, at this moment, Qin Ziang suddenly heard Yu Shasha exclaim in surprise.

He couldn't help but follow her to see what was so astonishing, and then he was stunned.

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In the southwest corner of the bar, Feng Nanshu was sitting there calmly, with her hands on her knees and a serene expression in her eyes.

The White Moonlight of Chengnan High School, the silent goddess who kept her distance from strangers.

Why was she in a bar?

For someone like her, social gatherings and banquets should be where she belonged. This sense of incongruity was just too strong.

Qin Ziang thought he might have been mistaken and rubbed his eyes vigorously, pulling out three eyelashes in the process. But Feng Nanshu was still sitting right in front of them.

"What would you like to drink? Beer? The bartender hasn't arrived yet, and I don't know how to make anything else."

Jiang Qin's voice came, instantly bringing the distracted Yu Shasha and Qin Ziang back to reality.

The two of them were a bit dazed and didn't quite catch what the other was asking. They subconsciously nodded a couple of times.

"I'll just have a beer too."

Feng Nanshu suddenly raised her hand, displaying the generosity and accommodation of an heiress. That's how socialites were supposed to behave, graciously accepting everything, not making additional demands, and trying to show enough goodwill outwardly.

Jiang Qin turned to look at her. "No, you can't have beer. You can only have a kids' drink like 'Wahaha'."


At this moment, Guo Zihang came in from outside the bar, glanced at Feng Nanshu, and his voice was trembling, "Jiang Ge, what's going on? Why is Feng Nanshu here too?"

Jiang Qin had a deadpan expression. "We're good friends."

"But Feng Nanshu has never had any friends. She doesn't even talk to anyone!"

"Alright, you guessed it right, she's indeed after my body!"


Jiang Qin ignored Guo Zihang and turned to Wang Huiru, who had silently followed them. "Can you have beer?"

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Wang Huiru nodded and couldn't help but glance at Feng Nanshu. "I saw you and her shopping last time, and you even pinched her cheek. Are you really not dating?"

"Dating? That thing isn't even worth a dog's time."


Jiang Qin handed the beer to Guo Zihang and gave him a meaningful look. "Go, take the beer to Qin Ziang."

Guo Zihang took it but was somewhat reluctant. "There are foreign words on it. Is this an imported beer? Does he deserve it?"

"Do you really think there are genuine drinks in this bar? It's watered down. Giving him a drink is just right; this foolish guy can't tell good from bad."

"Stepfather is wise!"

Guo Zihang eagerly carried the beer over and placed it in front of Qin Ziang. He even personally opened the bottle. Qin Ziang, seeing him suddenly acting so friendly, couldn't figure out his intentions and took a sip of the beer without saying anything.

At the same time, Wang Huiru watched Jiang Qin busy at the bar and wasn't sure if she should bring up Chu Siqi. Jiang Qin had previously mentioned not to bother him with that person, but she couldn't resist saying a few words.

"Jiang Qin."


"Siqi didn't come because she has a cold."

"I don't care."

Jiang Qin handed her the opened beer and then turned away from the bar, giving Feng Nanshu a bottle of "Wahaha."

And so, the four of them silently watched men's singles and mixed doubles badminton for over an hour.

However, except for Jiang Qin, Feng Nanshu, and Guo Zihang, the others seemed burdened with thoughts because White Moonlight was White Moonlight, and Feng Nanshu's presence was simply too eye-catching.

Qin Ziang was disgruntled, thinking, why was someone as ordinary as Jiang Qin so close to someone as noble as Feng Nanshu.

Yu Shasha looked around the bar, considered the figure of 300,000, and felt that Chu Siqi might soon regret her decision. A boy like this made even her feel dazzled. Who wouldn't regret missing out on him?

But regrets were useless now. Which girl wouldn't feel inferior in front of Feng Nanshu?

(End of this chapter)