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Dear Ex-wife Marry Me by Twin Bridge

Chapter 34
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Chapter 34

Maja responded to Tricia’s question with a nonchalant “Hmm.” She wasn’t one for lengthy

conversations and often came across as cold.

Tricia’s eyes lit up. She was relieved that Maja didn’t have any feelings for lan.

The car pulled into the Pennyfeather family’s courtyard. Maja had planned to drop off Tricia and quickly

leave. However, Neil Pennyfeather, Tricia’s father, was in the yard watering the plants with Glenn

Pennyfeather by his side.

Maja frowned, realizing that she couldn’t simply escape without greeting them. Tricia had already

jumped out of the car and ran to her father and brother. “Dad, Glenn.”

Neil engrossed in a business discussion with Glenn, stopped what he was doing upon seeing Maja’s

car in the distance. Maja reluctantly got out of the car and greeted them. “Dad.”

Neil handed the watering can to a servant and sighed lightly. “Good to see you back. Come inside,

Cristina has prepared a feast. And I have something important to discuss with you.”

Maja knew that time was ticking, as she still had plans to meet with lan.

“Dad, I have some matters to attend to. We can talk later.”

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“This concerns the company,” Neil said, his face turning serious. He patted Glenn’s back with a sense

of satisfaction.

Maja had a sinking feeling in her gut. Then she heard Neil continue, “Glenn has been without a stable

job for years. Cristina wants me to let him intern at our company. I’ve seen his recent reports, and he

seems to be making a genuine effort. What do you think?

Maja didn’t respond, but her eyes conveyed a sense of understanding. She could see Cristina’s

cunning plan unfolding, using Glenn to gain control of the company in the future.

“Maja, we don’t get to spend much time together. Let’s talk inside. Your father was just mentioning you.”

Maja looked blankly at Glenn, who had a wide grin on his face. His gaze was fixed firmly on her. Tricia

and Glenn stood on either side of Neil, sharing jokes and laughter with him. Even though they were just

a meter apart, it felt like an invisible wall separated them. Maja felt like an outsider who had intruded,

entirely out of place.

art, it felt like

Maja paused, feeling a profound sense of loss. “Dad, I really have something to attend to.

As the words left her mouth, the smile on Neil’s face slowly faded. “Maja, I’ve witnessed how Tricia has

treated you all these years. Today is her birthday, and she checked out of the hospital early to celebrate

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at home. Can’t you stay a little longer?”

His tone held a hint of seriousness.

Tricia quickly grabbed Maja’s hand. “Maja, let’s go inside first.”

Then, she turned to Neil. “Dad, don’t be upset. Maja just struggles with expressing her feelings.”


Maja gently freed herself from Tricia’s grip. “I have a meeting with lan at twelve. We’re discussing our


Her tone was indifferent, devoid of any emotions. As she looked up, she saw Neil raising his hand in



But the slap never landed. Neil’s face turned pale, and he gasped for breath several times, clutching

his chest before collapsing backwards..

Tricia and Glenn rushed to his side. “Dad!”

Inside the house, Cristina heard the commotion and hurried out. Upon seeing what happened, she was

frozen and fearful and immediately called for the family doctor. She shoved Maja aside when she

attempted to help and started scolding her. “If you didn’t want to come back, then you shouldn’t have

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come back at all! Your father hasn’t had a proper rest in days because of the company. Are you trying

to kill him with anger?”

Maja felt her body tense up. Amidst the chaos, the family doctor arrived and provided Neil with

emergency treatment. He gradually regained consciousness, weakly waving his hand.

Maja looked at him, tears welling up in her eyes. “Dad, I…”

But before she could finish, Neil interrupted her, gasping for breath. “Maja, your mother passed away at

a young age. I didn’t consider your feelings, which created a rift between us.”

“You want a divorce, and I agree. But please wait until the second round of financing for the company is

completed. Consider it a favor to me.”

Maja lowered her head and finally nodded.

Seeing her reluctance, Cristina sneered, “You should take a good look at what kind of person lan is.

Being with him is a blessing for you.”

Maja felt her heart tighten, making it hard to breathe. She no longer wanted to stay in this place. She

softly said, “Dad, get some rest. I’ll come to see you later.”

“And what about your divorce from lan?”

“I’ll discuss with him about postponing the date.”

Neil finally relaxed a bit. He looked exhausted and didn’t say anything more.

Maja walked out into the courtyard and checked the time. It was already past twelve. Was lan still at the

Raymond Mansion?

Would he agree if she suggested postponing the divorce?