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Defying Fate: The Unstoppable Eileen by Lopez family's

Chapter 15
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Chapter 15

Eileen! Have you lost your marbles? Hedy shrieked, rushing over to support Sarah

In a flash, Eileen swung the stick in her hand. The next hit landed squarely on Hody’s back.

Hedy stumbled into Sarah and both of them collapsed “Mom, she’s cozy, she’s really crazy!” Hedy


Eileen, how dare you hit Hedy! What the heck are you guys waiting for, grabs her Sarah yelled at the


The servants rushed at Eileen, but she snorted, waving her stick and sending them scurrying off in fear

Useless Sarah bellowed.

“Thud” Eileen slammed her iron stick to the ground, mocking. They’re just following your lead. If they’re

useless, then what does that make you?”

Sarah glared at Eileen. You dare hit me today, you’ll pay for it tomorrow! Just you wait!”

“Tomorrow?” Eileen rolled her eyes and took a few steps forward. “That’s a long way off With that, she

delivered a swift kick to Sarah’s head Sarah flew across the room like a deflated ball, crashing into a




The shelf wobbled, objects tumbling down. Sarah lay on the floor as bottles and jars crashed onto her

“Ah-“” She screamed, her face, arms, and hands immediately covered in bloody wounds

“Mom!” Hedy ran over, trembling. She stated at Eileen, tears in her eyes. You’re not Eileen, Eileen

wouldn’t do this, who are you, who are you really?!”

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“Me Eileen dropped the iron stick.

She stepped up to Hedy, bent down, and yanked her hair.

“Alv” Hedy cried out in pain.

“Me” Eileen murmured in Hedy’s ear. I’m your… nightmare”

With that, she slammed Hedy’s head onto the floor

The next second, Hedy’s forehead was all blood

Looking at the two women lying on the floor, half-dead, Eileen finally straightened up, wiping the blood

off her face. I told you, you’d regret it if I came back.” When Ableson got the call from a servant and

tushed home, he found a scene of utter chaos. The family doctor was tending to his wife and daughter

“What’s going on here?”

“Dad!” Hedy sprang up from the sofa and threw herself into Ableson’s arms, sobbing “It was Eileen,

she’s gone mad, she came back and beat up not just mom but me too,”

Ableson frowned. “Are you saying all of this was done by Eileen?”

Sarah also got up, crying inconsolably. I just scolded her for not coming home recently, and she started

hitting people. Look at my face, and my hands.”

Ableson’s face turned grim. “She dared to do this?”

“Yes, dad, you have to help me. Look at my head, the doctor said it might scar Dad, I don’t want scars,

I don’t want scars!”

“Alright, good girl Ableson looked at his daughter’s bandaged head with worry, his face dark “Don’t

worry, I’m here III sort this out. I’ll make Eileen pay!” Totally unaware of her impending trouble, Eileen

was having lunch. That’s when Ophelia called.

“Eileen, have you lost your mind?!” Ophelia shouted angrily from the ether end.

Eileen asked in a daze. “What did I do wrong?*

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What did you post on Twitter! Do you think I’m too idle? if it weren’t for the company executives, I

wouldn’t even know what you’ve been stirring up. And you’re liking and commenting on posts, do you

know you’re trending?!”

So, Ophelia didnt know about her beating people up yet

Eileen breathed a sigh of relief, lowered her head, and continued eating. Only after finishing did she

say, “Im trending? That’s a good thing, isn’t it? Am I about to be famous””

“Famous? What good can come out of trending? You’re bickering with netizens online, they’re calling

you shameless. They say you’re insane, and want the company to send you to a mental hospital!”

Eileen took a sip of her drink and chuckled, “Are you guys going to send me then? Just so you know,

you pay for the treatment.”


Finally, after Ophelia had railed at her for a good ten minutes, leaving her practically speechless, Eileen

yawned lazily and said, “Okay, I get it, I won’t do it again. Ophelia. I’m full and feeling sleepy, I’m gonna

hit the hay, no, I mean, I need to do some soul-searching..

“You’re really driving me crazy!” Ophelia yelled.

In the end, Ophelia hung up the phone Elfeen set her phone aside, flopped down on her bed without a

care in the world, and fell asleep

When she woke up, it was to the sound of her phone ringing

It was an unknown number. She picked up the phone with her eyes still closed. “Hello”

On the other end of the line, a polite female voice said, “is this Eileen? Your audition for the lead role in

‘Fancy Island was successful. Please tell your agent to g in touch with us as soon as possible to sign

the contract.”

After hanging up, Eileen crawled out of bed and called Ophelia.

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Ophelia was still irritated with her, but her mood lifted a bit upon hearing about the successful audition.

“Alright, I got it. I’ll talk to them, you just wait for further


Eileen asked. “Ophelia, how much is the lead role’s pay?”

Ophelia snorted. “Is money all you think about? It’s a small production, how much budget do you think

they have for the cast? Tens of thousands at most.”

Eileen frowned, “How much do I get after the split?”

The company’s contract system was a fifty fifty split, minus taxes,

Ophelia answered. “A couple of thousands, probably

That’s not enough for her to spend

Eileen scratched her head, losing interest “Okay, got it”

After hanging up. Eileen flopped back onto her bed, staring at the ceiling, but her mind was on the

situation at Ableson’s home.

After her rebirth, of course she wouldn’t be content with simply fighting with Sarah and bickering with


She wanted to take on the whole Ableson family, and with such little funds, it’s clear she’s way out of

her league.

Even if she’s flat broke, she had no reason to be scared of a loser like Ableson. What really freaked her

out is the Prosperity Consortium backing Ableson

Ableson was played a minor role in the Lopez family, what she didn’t want to mess with is the head of

the Lopez family

If only the head of the Lopez family could turn a blind eye to Ableson’s fate” She muttered, but she

knew, the chances of that happening were slim to none.

The Lopez family, they re notonous for having each other’s backs