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Hide And Cultivate In The East Palace, Only To Find The Prince Is A Girl

Chapter 20
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Imparting Technique

Having an old man at home was like having a treasure.

Under Zhang Qin’s guidance, his mood improved a lot.

“Since you’re on leave, rest well. Our family doesn’t lack this salary.”

“In addition to being promoted, I also obtained a top-grade Earth-grade pill, ten thousand taels of silver.”

He took out a jade bottle and placed it in front of him.

“You don’t want it?”

“It’s useless to me.”

At Zhang Ronghua’s realm, Earth-grade pills were no longer effective. He needed at least a Heaven-grade pill.

Zhang Qin did not stand on ceremony. If his strength increased, his son would face fewer troubles. He looked outside guiltily. Seeing that Zheng Rou did not come over, he lowered his voice and said, “Lend me some money.”

He handed over a banknote worth a thousand taels.

“Don’t tell your mother about this.”

They had lunch at home.

Zhang Ronghua brought his cousin back to the Vermilion Bird Workshop.

In the courtyard.

“Take out that low-grade Earth-grade pill. I’ll protect you.”

“Yes.” Zheng Fugui did as he was told.

After eating it, a huge medicinal effect swam through his body. It was very powerful. With his cultivation, he could not withstand it at all. The medicinal effect was about to explode his body.

Zhang Ronghua reached out and pressed his palm on his back, using the Black Yellow True Essence to suppress this medicinal effect.

“I’ll teach you the Profound Heaven Treasure Mirror now. Remember the cultivation route.”

He mobilized a little true essence and circulated it in his body.

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Zheng Fugui was very talented in martial arts. With just one try, he memorized the complicated cultivation route.

He retracted his palm and stood at the side, watching.

In a while.

He refined the medicinal power and broke through to the Grandmaster Realm. The Profound Heaven Treasure Mirror also followed.

He ended his cultivation and got up from the ground.

“Thank you, Cousin!”

“Go cultivate!” Zhang Ronghua entered the room.

He sat on the bed and cultivated the Black Yellow Heaven Splitting Technique.

Just as it was about to darken, his cousin’s voice sounded from outside. “Cousin, come over quickly!”

He jumped out of bed and rushed to the courtyard door.

An old man had fainted on the ground. He was unkempt and unrecognizable. There was also a stench coming from him.

He explained, “I heard a commotion at the door just now and rushed over. He’s like this here.”

He checked the old man.

The vitality in his body was almost dissipated. It was actually a miracle that he was still alive.

“Move. I’ll see if I can wake him up.”

He pressed his palm on his back and sent the Black Yellow True Essence into his body, forcefully stimulating his vitality. As his true essence was consumed, traces of white gas emitted from Zhang Ronghua’s body.

After a while, he retracted his palm and looked at the old man again. He had woken up and been pulled back from the gates of hell.

“You saved me?”

“It wasn’t me! My cousin saved you.”

“Thank you!”

“It’s nothing.”

He took out ten taels of silver and handed them over. Zhang Ronghua said, “The capital is too expensive to live in. Take this money and live somewhere else.”

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The old man shook his head but didn’t take it.

He placed the silver on the ground and entered the courtyard.

For the next three days.

Zhang Ronghua did not go anywhere. He stayed in the residence to cultivate calmly and polish his foundation.

The old man did not leave. He sat in the doorway.

At noon.

Zheng Fugui came back from packing food outside and glanced at him. When he reached the hall, he placed the food box on the table. “That person is still at the door.”

“Any news?”

A stranger had appeared and was still at the door. Zhang Ronghua suspected that there was a conspiracy. He could be someone sent by the Crown Prince. Yesterday, he had asked Zheng Fugui to greet the Flood Dragon Guards and check on him.

“His name is Shi Wen. He’s from the Capital. He lost his son twenty years ago and couldn’t withstand the blow. He drank all day to drown his sorrows. Before long, he went crazy. He lived like a walking corpse in the city. When he was hungry, he picked up food from the ground and ate it. When he was thirsty, he drank dirty water.”

“Sigh!” Zhang Ronghua sighed.

“Cousin, what are you going to do?”

“Bring him in and let him wash up again. He can stay in the residence to trim flowers and plants and clean for a living!”

Soon, Shi Wen changed into a set of clean clothes and appeared in front of him.

After washing up, without sloppiness and the stench, he was much more energetic.

“Sit down and eat together.”

Shi Wen said very little. He silently ate his rice and did not touch the dishes. Zhang Ronghua picked up a large piece of sauced beef for him.

After dinner, Shi Wen took the initiative to clear the dishes.

There was a knock on the door and an unfamiliar voice said, “Is Lord Zhang home?”

“Take a look.”

Zheng Fugui went out and brought back a servant. From his clothes, he was from the Grand Tutor’s residence.

“Greetings, sir!”

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“Is Miss Ji leaving?”

“Miss asked me to invite you over. We’re leaving for our hometown later.”

Zhang Ronghua changed his clothes and brought Zheng Fugui to the Grand Tutor Manor.

When he saw Ji Xueyan again, she was still wearing a white short skirt and a moon-white veil that covered her true appearance.

There was also a maid standing behind him. Her name was Yue Ya.

“Are you ready?”

“We can leave at any time.”

“Let’s go!” Ji Xueyan called.

She mounted her horse and rode the Divine Heavenly Dragon Horse away from the main gate, hurrying out of the city.

Her hometown was in Ning An County, nearly 300 miles from the capital.

However, to the Divine Heavenly Dragon Horse, it would only take half a day to arrive. Coupled with the time to pay respects to the ancestors, they could return in three days.

In the Sixth Prince’s Residence.

In the study.

The Sixth Prince’s face was cold and his eyes were hazy. He was like a poisonous snake, emitting a dangerous aura as he sat coldly on the chair.

A demonic smoke appeared without warning and condensed into a middle-aged beautiful woman in front of him. Her name was the Demoness. She was mature and coquettish, like a demoness. The charm emitted was several times stronger than Xiao Mi.

“They’re already out of the city. They’re using the east gate.”

“Are you ready?”

“The news has been spread and an inescapable net has been set up. I guarantee that they won’t return.”

“It’s not enough!” The Sixth Prince shook his head.

Thinking of the grievances he had suffered recently, he did nothing. His grandfather’s family and the forces in the court had all been eradicated. Even Prince Gong, whom he had painstakingly roped in, had inexplicably consumed poison and committed suicide. This caused him to suffer heavy losses. His forces on the surface had almost been swept away.

Fortunately, he did not put the eggs in a basket. There was still a huge power hidden in the dark. Otherwise, he would really lose his power this time. Not to mention fighting for the position of Crown Prince, he would probably not be able to protect himself without power.

Even being grounded was exchanged at the expense of benefits. Otherwise, he would already be imprisoned in the Clan Manor.

He was indignant. He wanted revenge!

‘Aren’t you afraid of dragging the Grand Tutor down with you? I’m not afraid. I’ll do what you don’t dare to do. I’ll completely muddy this pool and drag you down. If I don’t have a good time, don’t even think about having a good time. If I’m going to suffer, everyone will suffer together. If I’m going to be imprisoned in the Clan Manor, you have to follow.’

“Get Daoist Nine Tribulations to attack. After killing her, strip her naked and find some tramps to torture her to death. I want to anger the Grand Tutor!”