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Longevity: Starting From the Luck Entry

Chapter 25: Three days later, the Sunset Sect
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  Chapter 25 Three days later, the Sunset Sect

   Zhenyuan Escort Bureau.

   At this time, it was not yet noon, one after another luxury carriages appeared outside the door of the Escort, and slowly stopped.

   Afterwards, one after another got out of the carriage wearing gorgeous clothes, and they all carried a bouquet of white flowers with them.

   Any of these people who stand up and stomp their feet can make the entire Lin'an County tremble three times.

   Among them are the presidents of the four major commercial firms, the owners of the major martial arts gyms, and the patriarchs of the major families.

  Since those things happened a few days ago.

  Even though they were full of doubts, they no longer dared to underestimate the current Zhenyuan Escort Bureau.

  Although Jiang Zhenyuan passed away, but now that Jiang Yuan came to power, the entire Zhenyuan Escort Bureau has become confusing.

  Things these days, one thing after another is too weird.

   It's been three days.

  Li Hao, the owner of the Shenwei Martial Art Museum, since he appeared at the Zhenyuan Escort that night.

   There is no news about him now, as if he has completely disappeared from the world.

  Someone said that Li Hao died in Zhenyuan Escort Bureau that night, otherwise it is impossible not to hear any news about him.

  But no one believes this statement.

  Li Hao is already a top-notch expert in the eighth level of body training. He wants to defeat him and make him unable to escape.

   Unless there is a strong man who is above him and has a unity of spirit and spirit.

   Otherwise, even if he loses, he can retreat easily.

  However, there are not so many masters who have achieved the unity of spirit, energy and spirit.

   Before that night.

  In the entire Lin'an County, there has not been a strong person who can reach the ninth level of physical training for more than ten years.

  If it wasn't for Li Hong's confidant who made a sudden move, showing his true strength.

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  Ninth level of physical training, a great master of unity of spirit, energy and spirit.

  This situation will continue.

   From this, it can be imagined that there are too few strongmen at the ninth level of physical training.

   After all, Lin'an County is just a small county town, and the Dali Mansion is inconspicuous.

   There have also been peerless geniuses, but they also went away very quickly.

  In such a small place, it would be a waste of talent for any genius to live here for a long time.

   After all, real dragons cannot be raised in shallow water!

   Without such a top-notch strongman, it would be impossible for Li Hao to die in the Zhenyuan Escort.

  Besides, this kind of strongman's attack is extremely vigorous, like a big sun in the dark night.

  How could they not perceive it!

   But even so, everyone knows that even if Li Hao did not die in the Zhenyuan Escort, he must have been seriously injured.

   Otherwise, with his temper, three days have passed, how could he not retaliate.

   You know, his only son died tragically that night.

   Being shot by the confidant of the county lord, he was shot to pieces, and not even a whole body was left for him.

  His first wife, as well as other relatives, are now in prison.

  With such **** enmity, not to mention Li Hong, the Zhenyuan Escort will suffer his tragic revenge.

  But in the past three days, nothing seemed to happen, and the entire Lin'an County was calm.

  The only thing that caused a little disturbance was related to Wanmin Commercial Bank.

  Jiang Yuan once went to Wanmin Commercial Bank in person, and almost no one knows exactly what happened.

  But afterwards, many people saw that Wanmin Commercial Bank sent two boxes of silver to Zhenyuan Escort Bureau overnight.

   Then think of Jiang Yuan entering Wanmin Commercial Bank during the day, and after he left, Wanmin Commercial Bank hurriedly sold several high-quality assets.

   Then who can guess that this matter is related to Jiang Yuan.

   After many inquiries, they finally pried open the mouth of a core insider of Wanmin Commercial Bank.

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  When I learned that Kuai Dao Gu Mo once beheaded Da Gongfeng of Wanmin Commercial Company with a single sword that day.

  As soon as this news broke out, everyone was too shocked to say anything.

  No one expected that Kuaidao Gumo could hide so deeply.

  Famous for his sword skills, but his swordsmanship is so extraordinary and sacred that a single sword can kill the great priest of the Eighth Stage of Body Training in Wanmin Commercial Bank.

  This record is too terrifying!

  Although this great priest is now old and frail, his blood has slipped, and he is no longer as powerful as before.

  Although the tiger was old at that time, its majesty was still there.

  If he attacks with all his strength, except for the masters of the same level, who would dare to say that he can fight against him undefeated?

  However, Gu Mo was able to kill him with a single sword. This kind of strength has completely surpassed the seventh level of body forging, and it can be called invincible in the same realm!

   Can fight against normal eighth-level powerhouses.

   After knowing this series of news.

  How dare they not give Jiang Yuan face.

  Based on Gu Mo's current performance, he will definitely be able to enter the eighth weight of body training in the future, and the ninth weight is no problem.

   There is even hope to become a fairy-like existence.

  The talent he showed at this time can be ranked among the top ten in the entire history of Lin'an County.

  Among those people, they were born in the fairy family, and their life expectancy far exceeded that of ordinary people!

   Just when everyone walked into Zhenyuan Escort in an orderly manner, preparing to present flowers to Jiang Zhenyuan's portrait.

   Suddenly there was a shout from behind: "Master Xian Zun is here!"

  Master Xian Zun?

  Everyone was shocked when they heard the words, and quickly looked back.

  I saw a luxurious sedan chair slowly parked at the door of the **** agency.

  A middle-aged man in a green shirt, who seemed elegant and easy-going, pushed aside the curtain of the sedan chair and stepped out of the sedan chair.

  Beside him, a man in black followed closely behind.

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  The man in black has a strong bow on his back.

  The moment they saw the two of them, everyone's eyes were filled with fear.

  Lin'an County's only top nine-weight forging master is here, and an invisible pressure suddenly arises in the hearts of everyone.

   Then they retreated to make way for a road.

   "Meet the county lord!" Everyone said.

  Li Hong nodded slightly, and then went straight into Zhenyuan Escort Bureau.

  The moment he entered the courtyard and saw Jiang Yuan.

   There was a look of surprise in his eyes.

  Blood qi is full, qi is vigorous, and the heart beats like a drum.

   This is clearly a symptom of the blood exchange level.

  He actually broke through the realm twice in such a short period of time. Did he encounter some kind of opportunity, or did he discover his talent?

   While he was thinking, Jiang Yuan cupped his hands and said, "I've seen the magistrate!"

  Li Hong also nodded with a smile.

   "I haven't seen you for a long time. I didn't expect your strength to improve by leaps and bounds. It really surprised me."

  Jiang Yuan smiled: "Did the county lord see it?"

   "That's natural!" Li Hong smiled and said, "Don't underestimate my strength, my realm may surprise you!"

  Afterwards, he suddenly said solemnly: "Jiang Yuan, do you want to join the Xianjia sect?"

   "The sect of the immortal family?" Jiang Yuan asked in surprise, "Is the county lord referring to the immortal family in the common mouth?"


  Li Hong nodded slightly, and said again: "If you want to, I will ask my sect for instructions, and someone will come to verify whether you are qualified to join my sect, the Sunset Sect!"

  He took a deep look at Jiang Yuan: "Lin'an County is also the site of my Sunset Sect."

  Jiang Yuan nodded without hesitation: "Yes, but I still have some things to deal with!"

   "No hurry, I will ask the sect for instructions, but it will take some time. And even if you pass, you can choose another day to join the sect."

   "Then leave everything to the county magistrate!"

  Jiang Yuandao.