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Mr. CEO Loves The Devilish Beauty

Chapter 17 - A Violent Face Slap
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Ye Jie asked his assistant to install his own cameras in the wedding hall and specifically the storage room. He wasn’t worried about Xu Mey cheating on him. He judged the fact that if she wanted to do that she’d have not made her true intentions known to him. He was curious about what game Ms. Xu Liqing was trying to play.

He was in the dressing room with his laptop screen showing the view of the storage room where Xu Liqing was pacing back and forth. He was contemplating whether to meet her or not.

"I don’t think you should go," Ye Jun offered his suggestion and Ming Qu agreed with him. "If you went, it’ll prove the fact that you don’t have any trust in sister-in-law."

They were busy in their argument when Xu Mey entered the storage room. Xu Liqing was standing with her back facing the door. She thought it was Ye Jie, so she started talking without seeing the person behind her. "Mr. Ye, I knew you’d come. I have these photos of my sister with another man. I really didn’t want you to be fooled by her. I’m really ashamed to be her sis-" Liqing’s words got stuck in her throat when she saw Xu Mey standing behind with a blank look.

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"Why are you here? Where is Mr. Ye?" Xu Liqing looked around in hope of finding Ye Jie but to her disappointment, there was no one.

"If my future husband would have been here then there was no need for him to be a part of my life."

Ye Jie’s eyes widened when her words sunk into his mind. "I think I saved you, Brother," Ye Jun placed his hand on Ye Jie’s shoulder.

"B*tch, do you think that just because you’re getting married in Ye family, you’re something." Xu Liqing sneered, her words were laced with malice. "You’ll always stay the weak little girl who has to depend on antidepressants to survive. Do you think Ye Jie would be able to deal with your cowardly bearing?"

"Coward, Coward. Coward." Xu Mey repeated the word with each step she took ahead as if tasting how it felt on her tongue. She stood right in front of Xu Liqing. Xu Mey was taller than Liqing which made her more imposing. "Let’s see the photos, you have."

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She tried to take the photos from Xu Liqing’s hand but the latter resisted which led to Xu Mey twisting her wrist behind her back making her scream in pain. Xu Mey snatched the photos and looked at them.

After looking through the pictures, Xu Mey burst into a fit of humorless laughter. "You clicked my pics with my own assistant?" Xu Mey passed a look like she was looking at a clown. "I agree, he’s very handsome. But he’s a kid of only 24 years, I’m 28. I don’t like dating kids."

Xu Liqing was gnashing her teeth in anger which lead to her not noticing the keyword; assistant. Xu Mey let go of her wrist and Xu Liqing taking advantage of her newly found freedom tried to slap her but her wrist was caught by Xu Mey. "I gave you and your mother plenty of chances to redeem but you both insisted on getting a bad end." With that, Xu Mey laid a violent slap on her delicate face.

Xu Liqing’s face instantly swelled up from the force of the slap and she glared at Xu Mey. "What? Want to tell mommy and daddy?" Xu Mey talked like a small baby. "You can tell whoever you want to tell. The day you said I tried to push you from the roof was the day you sealed your own fate."

Xu Mey’s wrathful look scared Xu Liqing so much that she trembled without knowing it. "Don’t worry, I won’t try to kill you." Xu Liqing breathed out a breath of relief. "I’ll just turn your life into a living hell." Xu Mey gave a devilish smile to Xu Liqing who was so scared by her that she ran out of the storage room. But being the scheming person, she locked the storage room and took the key with herself.

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Staring intently at the laptop screen, Ye Jie, Ye Jun, and Ming Qu had inscrutable expressions. "We need to get her out of there." Ming Qu spoke but saw Xu Mey taking a seat on a box.

"Poor girl, still thinks she can lock me up like she used to do," Xu Mey snorted and made a hand gesture. It took barely 2 minutes for the door to open. Looking at her assistant who opened the door, Xu Mey said. "Qin Hao, get a girlfriend." Qin Hao didn’t know how to respond to that and only followed after his boss.

"I think, I underestimated my soon-to-be-wife." Ye Jie had a roguish bearing making him seem even more handsome in his black tux.

But what Ye Jie didn’t know was that the drama was just starting. The real play was after that slap she landed to Xu Liqing’s face. It was a way to start an open war. She told her enemies, she was not backing out with the marriage instead moving forward with full force.

Xu Liqing ran to Xu Cheng and her mother, Fu Lan. Seeing the palm print on her daughter’s face, Fu Lan was anxious. "What happened, sweety? Who did it?" Fu Lan touched her daughter’s cheek making her wince in pain.

When Xu Liqing saw Mother Ye and Father Ye coming their way. She started to shed crocodile tears. "Mom, it was the big sister. But it’s okay. I think she was having another stroke. It doesn’t hurt that much." If Xu Mey had seen her acting she would have given her a round of applause for such a shameless performance.

Upon hearing the word ’stroke’ both mother Ye and father Ye got anxious.

"But Xu Mey was with me all this time," Grandfather Xu stated as he saw his granddaughter wailing so loudly.