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Mr. Remus Your Billionaire Wife Wants a Divorce

Chapter 2
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Silvia calmly cocked an eyebrow. “I made up my mind the moment I called you.” Dulcie

chuckled. She started the engine and said, “You’ve finally ditched him. I’ve been waiting

for this day! You put so much effort into treating his legs, but all he cares about is Ada. He

kept in touch with her even when she was abroad. He’s a sc*mbag! Forget about men! You

should focus on your career!” Silvia laughed when she saw Dulcie fume with anger and

subconsciously accelerate the car. “Calm down. I don’t want to die right after I ditch him.”

Dulcie was relieved to see Silvia in a joking mood. “What’s your plan?” she asked

tentatively. If Silvia had not called her, she would have probably contacted Silvia anyway.

“I’m planning to take a break first. How’s the company?” Over the past three years,

Silvia’s life had revolved around Neil. She entrusted the management of MY Corporation, a

fashion company she had founded, to the shareholders. Apart from receiving dividends,

she showed little interest in the company’s affairs. Although she never bothered to check

her account balance, she should have enough money for a comfortable life. This was

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assuming that the shareholders were running the company based on the business plan

she had outlined. Dulcie’s expression changed when Silvia mentioned the company. She

sighed and said, “Let’s talk about it after your break.” Silvia cocked an eyebrow. Judging

by Dulcie’s reaction, the company was not doing well. However, she was not in the mood

to get back to work. Therefore, she nodded and said, “Alright. In that case, take me

straight to the airport.” “Where are you going?” “I don’t know yet. Maybe I’ll just pick a

random place.” Silvia rested her hand on the car door and tapped on it occasionally. While

she appeared calm, she could not hide her exhaustion. Dulcie sighed. No matter how great

one was, romantic relationships would make one irrational. After they arrived at the

airport, Silvia got out of the car. She looked at Dulcie and said, “Please send my suitcase

to the mansion in North City’s Elm Bay.” “Sure. How long do you plan on being away?” “I

guess about a month.” “Got it. I’ll wait for you to get back.” Silvia waved lightly and

walked into the airport. … A month later, Neil was in a conference room at Remus

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Corporation’s Ceattle branch. He was having a meeting with the department managers.

They were discussing the branch’s development for the next quarter when his phone

suddenly rang. Neil frowned the moment he saw the caller ID. It was his mother, Melanie

Hopkins. He stood up and said, “Let’s take a five-minute break.” He walked out of the

conference room and answered the phone. Melanie’s displeased voice came through.

“Neil, I’ve gone to the mansion several times to see Silvia, but she’s never home. Did you

two have a fight? Is she avoiding me?!” Melanie’s tone was full of dissatisfaction and

anger. She never liked Silvia, and this situation only worsened her impression of her son’s

wife. Neil frowned. He had been busy since he arrived in Ceattle a few days ago. He had

waited for Silvia to call and apologize for the first few days he was there, but his busy

schedule had pushed the matter out of his mind. He only realized that Silvia had not

contacted him for a whole month when Melanie called. This had never happened before.

“I’ll call her later. Do you need something from her?” Melanie spoke with displeasure,

“Your grandmother’s birthday is coming up. I was planning to have her accompany me to

pick a gift for your grandmother. But she’s never home whenever I visit. Things would’ve

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been better if you had married Ada. I don’t—” Neil cut her off indifferently. “I understand.

I’ll give her a call and get back to you.” After he hung up, Neil called Silvia. He tried

several times, but his calls would always go straight to voicemail. Neil’s expression

darkened. He realized that Silvia had blocked his number! Suppressing his anger, Neil

turned to Curtis Harrell and ordered, “Call Silvia!” “Okay.” Curtis’ call went through, but no

one answered. Seeing Neil’s expression grow darker, Curtis hesitated and said, “Mr.

Remus… she didn’t answer…” Neil’s demeanor turned cold. “I get it. I need to resume my

meeting, so help me contact the mansion’s management.” An hour later, Neil walked out

of the conference room. Curtis approached him cautiously. “Mr. Remus, the property

management staff said that Miss Silvia left with her suitcase the day after you left on your

business trip.” Since Neil and Silvia’s marriage was a secret, Curtis always addressed her

as Miss Silvia. Neil found nothing wrong with it in the past, but he frowned when he heard

it this time. He ignored his discomfort and sternly said, “Find out where she is right now

and book the next flight back to the country.” “Understood. Is Miss Ada going back with