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Spoiled by Mr Russell

Chapter 9
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Unexpectedly, she took the initiative to admit it. Everyone was stunned, including Nathaniel.

“Since Mr. Hall has insisted Ms. Thayner was the one who formulated First Live, she should know it

inside and out, so why won’t Ms. Thayner tell me the difference between the two samples? What did I

do to the formula, and which note have I changed?”

“I-I…” Melanie was ashen-faced. She had hardly been to a laboratory in two years. Even if she had not

forgotten her knowledge, each perfume used different formulas and raw materials. Even its weight

would vary slightly.

Melanie constantly hung out with Nathaniel while Lily busied herself formulating First Love. What

trophies or honors would be out of reach as long as she could hook up with him? She thought wasting

her time on First Love’s data was not worth it. Melanie instinctively grabbed the corner of Nathaniel’s

clothes and pursed her lips.

Nathaniel noticed her nervousness, so he took a step forward and protected Melanie behind him

naturally. “You were the one who tampered with the formula, so how would Mel know what you did to

it? You’ve already admitted to tampering with MN Inc.’s perfume, so I think we should end this charade


“I only admitted to changing the formula, not stealing it. The formula belongs to me, so I can change it

as I see fit. Melanie should be familiar with First Love since she claims it as her own. Why does she

seem otherwise? Or is this a case of a thief framing a thief? Is Mel the one who stole others’ formulas

and work?” Lily exposed Melanie unceremoniously without being subtle and leaving no trace of mercy.

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Being accused and exposed on such an occasion, Melanie could not refute it. Lily had caught her off

guard, so she raised her hand and pointed at Lily, “You’re slinging mud at me! Y-You…” Melanie had

fallen backward from the stage before she could finish speaking.


“Mel!” Nathaniel, who was closest, exclaimed and held Melanie’s fallen self. “Sorry, because of Ms.

Thayner’s state, MN Inc. has to leave the stage,” Nathaniel said as he turned to look at the host, his

tone polite yet blunt.

Then he turned to Lily, his glance relaxed. “But we won’t let others slander us like this!”

Lily raised her eyebrows and watched him hurriedly pick Melanie up to leave the venue.

‘Tsk tsk tsk. Mel knows she is wrong and can’t defend herself without evidence, so she acted as if she


Although Melanie’s fakeness was old-fashioned, it was still quite effective. At least she had temporarily

escaped her current predicament. The farce ended because of MN Inc.’s departure. The organizing

committee continued awarding the participants accordingly, but they withheld First Love’s award due to

the controversy.

Although Lily had mentally prepared herself for everything, the reporters still surrounded her as she left

the venue.

“Ms. Christian, did you plan today’s controversy?

“You disappeared from the perfume industry two years ago. Was it because of that previous

competition when everyone slandered you?”

“Ms. Christian, why did you go to Rebirth? Mr. Hall mentioned you were MN Inc.’s employee, so are

you quitting or breaching a contract?”

“It was rumored you and Mr. Hall of MN Inc. were in a relationship. Are you taking revenge on

something he did?”

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Each question was more clever than the next. Lily smiled lightly and did not evade the maliciousness

that came her way. “You’ll get the answers you are looking for in time.” She left that last sentence for

the reporters before getting into the limousine under Rebirth’s escorts.

The car door closed, instantly shutting out the flashing lights and noise outside. The cold air in the

limousine made Lily shiver. The next second, there was a warm jacket draped over her shoulders.

“You haven’t left yet?” Lily was surprised. She thought Alexander had left long ago.

“It was such a wonderful show, so how could I not stay to watch?” Alexander sighed and withdrew his

hand, sighing softly. “Unfortunately, the results were a bit unsatisfactory.”

Lily shook her head. “It’s not the end, only the beginning.”

“Oh?” Alexander raised an eyebrow.

Lily continued, “I’ll not allow others to steal what is rightfully mine.”

She was foolish in the past and gave up everything for love, even going so far as to rebel against her

family. She did all that, only to get nothing in return. She still had hopes and dreams before today, but

Nathaniel’s actions had utterly broken the tenderness in Lily’s heart.

He knew First Love was Lily’s life’s work, and she had given up several awards and honors for so long.

Still, he insisted she was a thief. Nathaniel did all of this for Melanie.

Lily’s phone vibrated in her pocket, so she took it out and glanced at it. She saw it was Olivia calling

and answered the call, “Olivia.”

Immediately after, a burst of triumphant laughter sounded from the other side of the call. “I’m so happy!

Hahaha, I can’t explain how satisfying that was to watch! You did a great job, Lily!”

Olivia’s laughter made her voice tremble. Lily moved aside and looked at Alexander. She cleared her

throat awkwardly and said, “Olivia, do you need to laugh so maniacally?”

“Of course I do!” Olivia said while cackling, “I thought you’d be obedient to Nathaniel forever, but I didn’t

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expect you to tell me to add those ingredients to their formula for that. You don’t know how arrogant

Melanie was when she took the sample from me. She got eggs on her face on the live stream, which

was satisfying!” Olivia was so excited and spoke hurriedly, so Lily could not interject.

“B-But will you leave MN Inc. since you had a falling out with them? I noticed you went to Rebirth.

When was that? Are they reliable? Have you negotiated your terms and conditions with Rebirth?” Olivia

asked Lily questions at a million miles an hour.

Lily blushed as she listened to Olivia on the phone. However, Alexander did not look over and gazed

out the window. Still, he could hear every word.

“This has to be fate, right, Lily?!” Olivia asked excitedly.

Lily recalled her encounter with Alexander. He was willing to help her and even married Lily.

“O-Olivia, let’s not talk about that. Nathaniel will certainly trouble you concerning today’s incident, so

you must deny everything and push the blame on me, understand?”

Olivia disapproved of Lily’s plan. “Don’t worry, Lily. I’m not afraid of him and will quit if push comes to


She had long been accustomed to Nathaniel’s incessant behavior. She would only remain silent should

Nathaniel question her.

“But what about you, Lily? You’ve slandered Nathaniel in public, and he will be looking for you. How

about you crash at my place tonight, and I can protect you.”

Lily was about to respond when she saw Alexander look over, his gaze sharp. She hurriedly replied,

“N-No, that’s okay. I have other arrangements. All right then, I’ll call you tomorrow.” Lily hurriedly hung

up the call as she finished speaking.

If it were not for Olivia’s reminder, Lily would have forgotten that it was hers and Alexander’s wedding


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