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The Abandoned Husband Dominates

Chapter 23
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Hailey froze in shock because she suddenly felt that she seemed to have heard that phrase somewhere


After thinking about it carefully, she recalled that she had said the same thing to Jordan about this time at

the Splendor Hotel yesterday!

Yesterday, when Jordan walked in on Hailey and Tyler Collins in the hotel room, Jordan wanted to go in

and beat up Tyler Collins, but Hailey said that Jordan was not worthy of stepping foot into the room of a

five-star hotel!

However, Jordan was now not only standing in the room of a five-star hotel, but he was also rightfully

staying in it as a guest!

To make matters worse for Hailey, he was staying in a presidential suite that Hailey had never stayed in


Although they were both five-star hotels, the room rates of West Lake Hotel were several times higher

than that of Splendor Hotel!

Standing in front of Hailey, Jordan suddenly thought about a popular saying.

‘I’m standing right before you now, but I’m nothing like I used to be!’

“Fine, you won’t let me in, huh?” Hailey, furious that she had been rejected, said, “I was going to give you

the chance to go home, confess to your mistakes, and accept Grandma’s punishment. Then we will

consider this matter settled.”

“Since you don’t cherish this opportunity, I’ll call the cops and let them deal with it! Don’t blame me for not

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reminding you. Stealing something worth over 800,000 dollars will warrant a jail term of 15 years and


“If you kneel down in front of me now…”


Before Hailey could finish, Jordan simply closed the door of the room.

“Hmph, she makes me kneel down and apologize to her all the time, just because she knows that I like

her. I’ve really overindulged her and spoiled her rotten the past three years. Why do I have to stoop so

low just because I fancy her!?”

Jordan stopped thinking about her and continued to blow-dry his hair.


Hailey Camden stomped her feet furiously as she called the police, after which she yelled at the door of

the presidential suite, “I’ve called the cops, just wait, you’ll be behind bars!”

Soon, the Camdens had also found out that Hailey had called the police.

Old Mrs. Camden barked in displeasure, “What? Hailey called the police? Who told her to call the police?

I want to handle our family affairs myself, not let someone else do it!”

Sylvie knew that Old Mrs. Camden had always liked to handle everything herself.

Afraid that she would hold it against Hailey, she hurriedly said, “Mom, Hailey must have called the cops

on Jordan because he wouldn’t cooperate.”

Old Mrs. Camden sighed and said, “Forget it, maybe Jordan is destined to spend the rest of his life in


The Camdens were all confident the law would definitely sentence Jordan.

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Ten minutes later, two uniformed police officers arrived at West Lake Hotel.

Tyler and Hailey, who were waiting in the lobby, immediately walked up to the police officers when they

saw them.

“Sirs, I was the one who called the police.”

One of the police officers asked, “You must be Miss Hailey Camden, right? You said that Jordan Steele

has stolen a watch that’s worth over 800,000 dollars from your family, is that right?”

Hailey nodded and said, “Yes, Jordan Steele was a live-in son-in-law, and we just got divorced. He stole

our watch and sold it for money which he spent on a one-week stay in the presidential suite of this hotel.

He even hired a prostitute!”

“Sirs, please quickly arrest him!”

The police officer went to the front desk and said, “Call Jordan Steele and tell him to come down.”

The front desk attendant called the phone set in Jordan’s room, but Jordan had just fallen asleep after

taking a shower and didn’t hear the phone ringing.

Hailey tried to call Jordan’s cell phone, but there was no response either.

Hailey said, “He must be too scared to answer because he’s guilty of theft!”

“Let’s head upstairs to take a look then,” said a police officer.

The two police officers took the elevator up on their own while Hailey waited downstairs with Tyler

because he didn’t want to cause trouble.

Bang! Bang!

Bang! Bang!

The police knocked on the door several times before Jordan woke up from his sleep and got up to open

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the door.

“Is this Mr. Jordan Steele? May we enter?” the police officer asked.

Jordan knew it was Hailey who had called the police and thus said with a smile, “Yes, please come in.”

A bespectacled police officer took the initiative to introduce himself, “I am Chief Lee of the district police

station. We received a police report from Miss Hailey Camden. She claimed you stole a watch that’s

worth over 800,000 dollars from her family yesterday. Is there such a thing?”

Jordan answered truthfully, “I didn’t take anything from the Camdens.”

Chief Lee continued, “Pardon me for being presumptuous, but I heard that you were previously the

Camdens’ live-in son-in-law, and you don’t have much money. For the past six months, you’ve been

working as a takeout deliverer. Miss Camden said you didn’t get a single cent of the Camdens after your


At this juncture, Chief Lee, who was also a man, took pity on Jordan.

‘The Camdens are too stingy. They have at least millions worth of assets. They can at least give him a

few tens of thousands of dollars.”

Chief Lee said, “Look, there’s a swimming pool, a television, and several couches in this presidential

suite. There’s also a beautiful view. I heard it costs over 10,000 dollars a night. Yet, you booked it for a


“Since you didn’t take the watch, where did you get the money from?”

Jordan did not answer directly but got up and went to the desk in the room to grab a contract that he then

handed to the police officer.

“Chief Lee, this is the equity transfer contract of Ace Corporation. I’m now the largest shareholder and

the newly appointed CEO of Ace Corporation. This is my business card!”

Jordan handed the CEO business card of Ace Corporation to Chief Lee!