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The Immortal Emperor Returns

Chapter 13 - The Tragic Ending!
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Chapter 13 The Tragic Ending!

When he saw that everyone was gone, Doctor quickly got up and ran towards the back door of the bar.

A black Highlander was at the back door. Doctor jumped into the car and then it sped away.

The Bai Family had a strong influence and had been occupying Gujiang City for many years. In addition, today was the 80th birthday of the Great Elder Master of Bai Family, so many celebrities from all walks of life in Gujiang City came to celebrate his birthday.

There were so many luxury cars in front of the house that it looked like a large auto show.

When all the people were seated, the Great Elder Master of the Bai Family showed up with the help of two young girls. Although his hair had turned gray, he was full of energy and his face was ruddy.

Then all big men of different walks of life came to congratulate him!

“Thank you for attending my birthday party. Be relaxed and enjoy yourselves today. The more bustling it is, the happier I am!”

As soon as Great Elder Master Bai finished his words, a man stumbled in and rushed to Great Elder Master Bai.

It was Doctor.

Doctor was so embarrassed. His clothes were ragged, his body was covered with dust, his hair was soaked with sweat and looked like a bird’s nest, and there was a little blood on his face. He suddenly rushed to Great Elder Master Bai, which scared him who then took two steps back.

Most people here knew Doctor, especially Lu Quan, the Master of Blood League. As the Master of Blood League, Lu Quan could offer birthday felicitations at a distance. Doctor was so reckless and if he offended the Bai Family, it would not end well.

“Doctor, what are you doing? Today is the birthday of Great Elder Master Bai. Do you have any etiquette?” Lu Quan hurried forward to scold Doctor.

“Little Lu, this is your subordinate?”

Great Elder Master Bai didn’t know Doctor, who didn’t deserve to be known by him, but he knew Lu Quan.

Lu Quan, a man in his forties, was called Little Lu. If others had called him like that, he would already turn hostile. But he felt honored when Great Elder Master Bai called him Little Lu. He made an obeisance by cupping one hand in the other before his chest and said, “Great Elder Master Bai, he is one of the owners of Blood League. I don’t know what happened to him today. I’m sorry that he disturbed you. I’ll take him back to strictly teach him.”

“Yes, you should have taught them well. Little Lu, you are also a man of great reputation. How can your subordinates be so rude? It seems that you, the Master of Blood League, are too relaxed to do your duty!” said Great Elder Master Bai slowly.

Sweat dribbled down Lu Quan’s forehead in an instant. These words showed that Great Elder Master Bai was angry. For Great Elder Master Bai, it was a piece of cake to dismiss Lu Quan, the Master of Blood League.

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“Great Elder Master Bai, please don’t be angry. Doctor adores you so much that he did such a stupid thing...” Lu Quan explained in panic and looked at Doctor with killing intent. It was not easy for him to be the Master of Blood League. If he lost it today because of Doctor’s rashness, Doctor had to die.

“Is that true?” Great Elder Master Bai turned to Doctor.

Doctor shuddered, not because of Great Elder Master Bai’s anger, but because of Chu Xun. Although he arrived here safely, he still felt that he was around by danger.


Doctor knelt down.

“Great Elder Master Bai, I know that I’m nobody and you know little of me. The reason why I offended you today is that I have my own difficulties,” cried Doctor with tears in his eyes.

“What difficulties do you have?” asked Great Elder Master Bai with a frown.

“I accidently saw people of the Dragon Eagle Gang catch Wang Song. Mr. Wang is from the Bai family and noble. So I tried my best to protect him, but I was weak. In order not to tell the whereabouts of Mr. Wang, more than a dozen of my brothers were killed. Only I survived. Great Elder Master Bai, please help me... ”

“Who’s Wang Song?” asked Great Elder Master Bai with puzzlement.

“Father, Wang Song is a relative of our family.” Bai Ren’an, the current householder of Bai Family, came forward and said quietly.

“D*mn it!” Great Elder Master Bai was furious and shouted at Bai Ren’an, “How did you do you duty as the householder? How dare the small Dragon Eagle Gang bully the people of our Bai Family.”

“Father, calm down!” Bai Ren’an hurried to appease Great Elder Master Bai. Then he turned to Lu Quan and shouted, “What’s the job of Blood League? Are you good-for-nothing? If so, I don’t think it’s necessary for Blood League to exist!”

Lu Quan was frightened, but he felt puzzled inside. He looked at Doctor and asked, “Dragon Eagle Gang and Blood League have lived in peace with each other. Why did they suddenly catch Mr. Wang? How many people came?”

“About seven or eight came first, and they were caught by us. Then another four came... ”

Before Doctor finished speaking, Lu Quan roared, “Bullsh*t! You have caught seven or eight people first, but more than ten of your people were killed by four later. It’s nonsense.”

Doctor, sweat trickling down his forehead, kowtowed to Great Elder Master Bai hurriedly and cried, “I dare not lie. Although there were four people, only one fought and killed all of my people.”

“Only one?” Lu Qian gave out a strange cry.

Except for Lu Quan, people around all shook their heads and thought Doctor was joking.

Doctor got into a flap and said, “What I said is true. In a blink of an eye, all my people died. He also asked me to bring a message to the Bai Family.”

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“What did he say?” shouted Bai Ren’an.

“He said you have to send Wang Song to the Dragon Eagle Gang within one day. Otherwise, he will come in person.”

“The b*stard.” Great Elder Master Bai shouted angrily. There was someone who dared to threaten the Bai Family. Pointing to Doctor, he said angrily, “Take him away.”

Hearing that, Doctor shivered with fright. If he was taken down by the Bai Family, he would neither be seriously injured or die.

“Great Elder Master Bai, what I said is true. That man is not a human being. He...”

Before Doctor finished speaking, he suddenly covered his neck with his hands and opened his mouth wide. At the same time, his eyes began to bulge slowly, and his whole face was distorted.

“Help... me...”

Doctor held out his hand to Great Elder Master Bai.

“Bang, bang!”

The two eyeballs suddenly sprang out, rolled at the feet of Great Elder Master Bai, and burst. Blood splashed on his shoes.

The two young girls holding Great Elder Master Bai screamed in horror and retreated. They fell down together with Great Elder Master Bai.

Everyone froze. No one cared about the fallen Great Elder Master Bai. They all looked at Doctor in horror.

Doctor’s eyeballs had burst out, leaving only two black holes, and black blood was gushing out. It was horrible. His mouth was still growing open, and in the end the corner of his mouth was torn.

Doctor’s neck also kept turning, making a chilling sound of bones breaking. Finally, his head turned 180 degrees before stopping.

It scared the people standing behind Doctor to death and all screamed.

Just when everyone was very scared, Doctor fell to the ground with a plop and there was no movement and sound anymore.

At this time, the whole house was in dead silence.

There was a disgusting smell in the air. Some people were so scared that they were incontinent. Some rolled their eyes and fainted.

The Bai Family was not a small family, but one of the old influential families in Gujiang City.

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However, such a terrible event happened in such a powerful family during Great Elder Master Bai’s 80th birthday party, which no one had expected.

All the big bosses who had come to sense took leave of the Bai Family.

In the past, they were proud to step into the Bai Family. Now, they just wanted to run away as far as they could. Looking at the dead horrible Doctor, they felt like they were in hell.

It was a feast of joy, but ended in tragedy!


On the other side, Chu Xun had returned to Dragon Eagle Gang.

“It’s already noon, sir. I’ll prepare lunch now.” Sun Ying was very respectful to Chu Xun now.

“Hold on!” Chu Xun waved and said, “I have something to trouble you!”

“It won’t be troubled...” Sun Ying, who had been depressed because he lost the chance to prepare lunch for Chu Xun, suddenly became ecstatic and almost jumped up. “Please tell me what I can do for you, Sir. I will never frown and refuse even though I will undergo the most severe trials.”

“It’s not that difficult. I just want you to investigate three people for me,” said Chu Xun, feeling amused.

“Sir, I promise that I’ll let you know everything about them, even the information of their ancestors.” Sun Ying promised and patted his chest with excitement.

Chu Xun felt a little funny. He felt that Sun Ying showed great brotherhood and was really suitable for being a gangster.

“Zheng Liang, Zhao Yuebo and Li Yiming. All of them are local people. They are 24 years old and have just graduated from Gujiang University. Remember, don’t hurt them,” said Chu Xun.

These three had been his roommates. When he was arrested, all three were present. Maybe they knew something.

“Don’t worry, sir. I’ll do it now!”

Chu Xun nodded.

Sun Ying couldn’t wait to leave. This was what Chu Xun asked him to do. He dared not waste a second.

“Sir, are you going to go back to Qianlong Mount Villas? I’ll send you back,” asked Chen Hanlong.

“You go back first. I want to walk around.” Gujiang City had changed a lot. He had been back for several days, but had no time to walk around.

“May I accompany you, sir?” Chen Hanlong asked carefully.

Chu Xun didn’t refuse. It was good to have a driver.

“Sir, where are we going?” asked Chen Hanlong.

“Gujiang University!”