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The Reincarnated Villain Makes The Heroines Tearfully Beg for Forgiveness-Novel

Chapter 7: Make a decision, is it Life or Hand?
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Chapter 07: Make a decision, is it Life or Hand?

When Xiao Yanran saw Lin Yan climbing the cliff inside the Lingering Treasure Mirror, her face quickly turned pale.

She remembered that she was injured that day, but she didn't know what happened after that.

When Lin Yan first began climbing the cliff, Xiao Yanran was obediently waiting at the bottom of the cliff. But after waiting for a while, she got a little impatient. Well, it couldn't be helped, after all, she was still a few years old and had never been into the mountains before.

Seeing that Lin Yan had not yet come down, she cheerfully picked the small flowers on the side.

Xiao Yanran didn’t know that she had gone into the wild grass.

And in the grass, a colorful poisonous snake slowly swam towards her.

When it was still about ten feet away from Xiao Yanran, the snake suddenly bounced up like a lightning bolt, and attacked Xiao Yanran.

As it was sudden, Xiao Yanran was scared and jumped back and let a shriek from her mouth, and after that she directly collapsed on the ground.

Hearing the scream, Lin Yan, who was just about to pick up the Ganoderma Lucidum in the distance, suddenly turned his head.

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"Little Sister."

Seeing a poisonous snake bite Xiao Yanran's hand, Lin Yan's face changed greatly, and without a second thought, he turned around and jumped from the cliff down.

Even for adults, it was dangerous to jump down from a two-foot-high cliff, let alone a small child like Lin Yan didn't hesitate at all.

His figure was like a flying bird, swooping down from the cliff.

He landed on the ground and rolled a few times, then jumped up and ran towards Xiao Yanran.

The colorful snake, after biting Xiao Yanran, tried to run. However, Lin Yan, who had arrived, stepped on it with his foot, grabbed a stone on the side and smashed the head of the poisonous snake a few times with it.

Only after he got rid of the snake, Lin Yan rushed towards Xiao Yanran and called out to her anxiously, "Little Sister…"

It seemed like Xiao Yanran's left hand was bitten by the poisonous snake, and it had already turned black and swollen. And she also lost consciousness.

Caring for nothing else, Lin Yan picked up Xiao Yanran and ran towards the distance gingerly.

In a single breath, he ran to the pharmacy store where he used to sell the medicinal herbs.

Seeing Doctor Qin at a distance, only then Lin Yan could let out a sigh of relief and shouted, "Doctor Qin, please help."

A middle-aged man inside the medicine store came out, but was startled when he saw Lin Yan in that state, so he hurriedly went forward to help: "Lin Yan, how did this happen?"

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Lin Yan was panting hard and couldn't talk anything more, so he directly pushed his sister to him and said, "Quic…kly, q…uickly, loo…k at …my Li…ttle Sister.”

The middle-aged man grabbed Xiao Yanran's palm and checked it a few times, and his face was grave.

"It's a five-colored snake, you actually came across this kind of poisonous thing." The middle-aged man hastily took a thin rope and tied Xiao Yanran's arm to prevent the poison from spreading to other parts.

Lin Yan looked at the middle-aged man with worry in his eyes and said, "Doctor Qin, pllll…ease s…ave my sister…"

“Yes.” The middle-aged man nodded his head without hesitation.

This made Lin Yan's heart, which had been hanging, feel at ease.

But the next sentence of Doctor Qin made his face sink, and his whole heart fell into the bottom at once.

"The poison of the colorful snake is too potent. It is a good thing that you came in time. As long as I cut off your sister's hand and make her drink some potions, she will be okay."


In front of the Linglong Treasure Mirror, a whisper rang out.

Even the male protagonist, Lin Feng, couldn't help but look at Xiao Yanran's hand.

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Surely, the present cold beauty had two tender hands that were whole and not cut off.

Even Xiao Yanran herself was also frowning, after all, she didn't have a memory of having her hand cut off.

Inside the Lingering Treasure Mirror.

Hearing the words of Doctor Qin, Lin Yan's face changed instantly. He shook his head almost immediately: "No, my sister, she's only five years old, if she doesn't have a hand, how can she live in the future… Doctor Qin, cut my hand instead, okay?"

After all, Lin Yan was still a child.

In a hurry, he actually proposed to cut his own hand with such an unreliable proposal.

Doctor Qin looked at Lin Yan with some regret and shook his head, "Lin Yan, you have to make a decision quickly. If you delay any longer, even if I cut off her hand, I won't be able to save your sister's life."

No way.

In front of Doctor Qin, as if Lin Yan had lost his soul, he fell on his back.

While his mouth was unconsciously mumbling, "I don’t want her hands to be cut off nor let her die…”

Indeed, a child who was just about ten years old was forced to make such difficult decisions.

It was not just that Doctor Qin's eyes were red, but even the people in front of the Ling Long mirror were also sour.

Lin Yan looked as if he was the one going to die instead, seeing him like that, Doctor Qin gritted his teeth and said, "Actually, there is another way to save your sister without cutting off her hand…"

-To be continued!