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Triumph Above All novel

Chapter 27
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Chapter 27

“When mommy came home last night, she had a big quarrel with grandma and grandpa. Then she

packed her things up and brought me here very early today.”

“Mom said that we will live here from now on, you’ll live with us, right? Daddy?” said Lola.

Yulia quickly explained, “I was in such a hurry to move out because Lola was crying for her dad.”

“I’ve been raising this little one with my own hands. You only came back for two days and all she

remembers is you.”

“I don’t think Lola needs her mommy anymore…”

Yulia explained to Skylar why she moved here early in the morning. Eventually, he felt a little


Skylar was very moved. He then asked Lola. “Your mommy is jealous, Lola. Who do you like


Lola looked at Skylar and Yulia, she was in a dilemma.

Yulia glared at Skylar in a dissatisfied manner. She wondered if he took it too far by competing to be

Lola’s favorite.

Skylar ignored her and waited for Lola’s answer.

Lola laid on Skylar’s shoulder and looked at Yulia. Then said coyishly, “I like both of you the



Yulia was amused.

“Lola, you’re our clever little girl.”

Skylar could not help but hug her a little tighter.

Skylar then played with Lola in the living room when Yulia changed her clothes. She asked, “Do you

have any plans for today?”

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“Let’s go to the playground. Lola wanted to go there for a long time, but she kept saying she wanted to

wait for dad to come back.” Yulia said.

“Alright. I’ll bring you to the playground if that’s what you want, Lola!”

Lola clapped her little hands and cheered.

When Skylar carried her out, Lola said, “Mommy also has a request, daddy.”

“What does she want?”

Skylar glanced at Yulia and asked.

“Mommy likes necklaces. Let’s buy mom necklaces after we go to the playground!” Lola said seriously.

Yulia was stunned for a moment, and her eyes turned red.

She always thought that her daughter was still young, but the little one knew everything.

Skylar nodded. “Alright, I promise I’ll fulfill both of your needs!”

Yulia quickly waved her hand and said, “You don’t need to take her seriously. Just play with her will do.”

Skylar did not say anything, he felt guilty once again.

He owed them too much.

When they got downstairs, Yulia froze..

There was a young man in a black suit. He was holding a bouquet of roses.

“There’s a jewelry exhibition in Opal City this afternoon. Let’s head there later, Yulia. You can choose

anything you want. It’ll be unique to wear it during our wedding.”

After saying that, the man put the roses away, revealing his face.

It turned out to be Nicholas.

Looking at the rose in front of her, Yulia felt chills down her spine.

She did not expect Nicholas would chase after her after what happened.

He still has the guts to gift her flowers.

Nicholas saw Skylar at the same time.

Nicholas’ pupils shrunk when he saw Skylar holding Lola in his arms. “Who are you to carry Lola


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Just as Skylar was about to speak, Lola suddenly pointed at Nicholas and said angrily, “Daddy, this man

likes to bully mommy, Lola hates him!”


Nicholas’ expressions changed dramatically.

Had Yulia told Lola to address Skylar as her father a few days ago?

The both of them came out of the house together this morning, and he thought that they were now a


So, Lola called Skylar her father under Yulia’s request.

Thinking of this, the anger in Nicholas’ heart was ignited.

“Yulia, I’ve been chasing you for so long, and you’ve never even given me an answer.”

“This poor guy just came back from the army and you’re welcoming him. You even let your daughter call

him dad. You are a cheap woman!”

Last night, Skylar followed a beautiful woman back to the mountainside villa worth 130 million. He was

already jealous to the point of madness.

He had no idea Skylar would be able to sleep with her in just three days after returning from the army.

At this moment, Nicholas felt extremely resentful.

Upon hearing Nicholas’ words, Yulia’s eyes froze, “You better watch your mouth, Nicholas! You almost

killed my father twice! I’d rather die than marry a shameless villain like you!”

Nicholas suddenly pointed at Skylar and grinned. “I’m shameless? What about him? Is he a good man in

your eyes?”

“Hehe, I saw him at Ocean Hills with a lady last night.”

“The security guard said that he was with her. Can you believe it?”

Yulia was slightly startled. She continued, “What happens to him is also my business, I don’t need you to

care about it about it!”

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“So be it, Yulia!!”

Nicholas did not expect Yulia to react like that, He was so angry, he crushed the rose in his hands and


Yulia bit her lip tightly, she felt extremely complicated. She knew that their fight was not over


Yulia was a little stunned in the car.

She did not know if it was because of Nicholas’ annoyance or if it was because of what he said.

“Why don’t you sit with Lola in the back, I’ll drive.” Skylar said all of a sudden.

Yulia felt Skylar’s concern and became less irritated. She nodded, then sat at the back.

Skylar drove for a while and cleared his throat. He spoke unnaturally.”What, Nicholas said earlier was to

hurt me.”


Yulia responded and said nothing.

Skylar could not see the look on her face and did not know whether she believed him or not.

However, it was not easy to bring this topic up again as the conversation was over.

Afterward, the three of them went to the playground and played with Lola.

Lola was happy as she was accompanied by her parents.

After taking a break, all of them went to the jewelry exhibition.

Before entering, various luxury cars could be seen in the parking lot. The specifications of this jewelry

exhibition were high.

On their way to the exhibition hall, there were various brands exhibiting their most glamorous jewelry.

The jewelry that caught everyone’s attention was the world’s top brand, Eternal Youth Jewelry.

One of the pendants was inlaid with a rare lapis lazuli. If examined closely, there was also an engraving

of a deer on the lapis lazuli. It was named the “The Heart of South Africa”.

There was another necklace. It had a golden button and was inlaid with a ruby of the highest quality,

surrounded by twenty-four dazzling diamonds. It was named “Grain of Red Sand”

They were all crafted by royal European craftsmen.

Some people came just to witness these pieces of jewelry with their own eyes.

As for Yulia, she was interested in the Heart of South Africa.