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Unscientific Beast Taming-Novel

Chapter 1603 - 1603: Wolf in Front, Tiger Behind (4)
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Chapter 1603: Wolf in Front, Tiger Behind (4)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“Ah!!!” The powerful Abyss God was cleansed into ashes under the shocked expressions of the Heavenly Water Star’s will and Yue Ling, and it was directly insta-killed.

This situation happened to every soldier of the Abyss Army. They were instantly cleansed into ashes and were unable to resist. As a spy, Yue Ling was almost scared to tears when she saw this.

Her pet was also almost scared to tears, because the origin wave had already come into contact with it.


They were good people! Good people.

Don’t kill!

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It was a huge Abyss Sea Serpent. Yue Ling quickly looked at it. To Yue Ling’s relief, although the abyssal power on its body was being cleansed, it wasn’t like other abyss life forms. Even its body was cleansed into ashes, and it completely died.

She… and her Abyss Beast didn’t seem to be completely affected.

In a short moment, the entire Abyss Army on Heavenly Water Star was completely destroyed by Susu with full battle power.

“Ning?” At this moment, Susu also noticed the will of the Heavenly Water Star below and the two Abyss Army soldiers who hadn’t been destroyed.

Its origin wave judgment method was that it would only be destroyed if it had the power of the abyss and the heart to yearn for the abyss.

If it was only polluted by the power of the abyss, but like Duckie, it could resist the power of the abyss and yearn for purity, it would only cleanse the power of the abyss on its body but not be destroyed.Follow current ɴᴏᴠᴇʟs on novelenglish.net . Fire(.)nᴇt

Susu didn’t expect such a person to exist in the Abyss Army.

The battleship slowly landed.

The will of the Heavenly Water Star had also escaped pollution and was cleansed. In the face of this situation, the will of the Heavenly Water Star should be grateful, but when she saw the slogan of this pirate crew, she panicked even more.

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Wu wu wu, one had been destroyed, and an even more terrifying one had come. Help.

After the battleship landed, the door of the battleship opened, and Baby Ginseng, who was wearing a research suit, walked out.

Seeing that a slime first came out of this pirate crew, and then a ginseng, the will of the Heavenly Water Star and Yue Ling gradually began to be a little confused about the configuration of this pirate crew.

“The planet’s will is also here!” Baby Ginseng was slightly surprised when it discovered the will of the Heavenly Water Star.

It stood on the battleship and said, “We seem to have just helped you solve a big problem. In that case, it’s not too much to take away some reward, right?” “Yi, don’t worry, I won’t take more!”

“It’s not too much. As long as… the power of the world left behind is enough for the world to circulate, it’s fine.” When the will of the Heavenly Water Star saw that Susu and Baby Ginseng were “fiendish”, it didn’t dare say anything else.

“Yi!” Baby Ginseng was very satisfied.

On the spot, under the shocked expression of the Heavenly Water Star’s will, it activated the World Grace and forcefully plundered the power of the Heavenly Water Star’s world to inject it into its Heavenly Emperor Cauldron.

It could really be plundered!

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The will of the Heavenly Water Star felt its strength being continuously extracted.

“Ning.” At this moment, Susu looked at Yue Ling and her Abyss Sea Serpent.

At this moment, Yue Ling was also silent. She had never seen such a cosmic pirate actually use plundering the power of the world as the main goal… After all, in the universe, the most famous race that could plunder the power of the world was the cosmic behemoth.

Apart from that, very few races could plunder the power of the world so easily, but from the looks of it, this research ginseng easily did it.

In addition, this slime’s terrifying ability could actually instantly kill the entire Abyss Army and cleanse the entire planet. Yue Ling only felt that she had encountered a terrifying existence.

The Contaminated Land… actually had such a strong pirate crew?

“Not bad!” However, what Yue Ling didn’t expect was that this Slime King that had destroyed the entire Abyss Army only praised them before returning to the Back Battleship.

“Wait, wait!” Yue Ling hurriedly shouted.

“Shh! The will of the Heavenly Water Star flew over. Seeing that these two people had not been cleansed, it guessed that this human Beast Tamer had been helping the Heavenly Water Star. It could sense that the other party was different from other abyss soldiers.

“Do you also want to be snatched? Just let me bear it,” the planet’s will said..