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A Wound that Never Heals

A Wound that Never Heals
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A Wound that Never Heals

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    Read A Wound that Never Heals by Clarissa Doyle. Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereA Wound that Never Heals by Clarissa Doyle full chapter at . Genre: Romance The Story starts with Darlene Garcia, who has been diagnosed with terminal heart failure, sitting alone in her dark bedroom. She is deeply disturbed by the doctor's words, and the continuous rain adds to her misery. She signs the divorce papers and puts them in a drawer, accepting her fate to die soon. Suddenly, her estranged husband Avery bursts into the room, blaming her for conspiring with his grandmother to force Vivian Sheridan, Avery's ex-girlfriend, to leave the country. Avery starts to physically assault Darlene, but she denies any involvement in Vivian's departure. In a fit of rage, Avery throws her on the ground and warns her to sign the divorce papers and leave his life forever. When Darlene asks Avery if he would still want to divorce her if she had only six months to live, he shows nopassion and leaves the room. Darlene is left alone in pain, both physical and emotional, and accepts that Avery will never love her again. Please follow and read A Wound that Never Heals by Clarissa Doyle full chapter at

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