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Become the Richest Woman After Divorce

Become the Richest Woman After Divorce
141 Chapters
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Become the Richest Woman After Divorce

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    Read Be the Richest Woman After Divorce by Georgina Lane. Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereRead Be the Richest Woman After Divorce by Georgina Lane. Genre: Romance,...Be the Richest Woman After Divorce pdf free download Artist: Stacy And Sophia Pierce Clement, who has been on a business trip for over two months, calls his wife, Sophia Cruise, asking her toe to a dinner party at the Hilton Hotel. Sophia is excited, thinking it's a surprise for their third wedding anniversary. However, before she can reveal her pregnancy test results, Pierce abruptly hangs up. When Sophia arrives at the Hilton, she is surrounded by reporters who question her about Pierce's alleged illegitimate son. Sophia denies the rumors, believing in her husband's fidelity. Pierce stands nearby, stoic and distant, as the reporters press Sophia with intrusive questions. Suddenly, Pierce reveals he has a two-year-old son named Luke with Sophia. This revelation shocks Sophia, contradicting her earlier denial. Pierce pressures her to make a cooperative statement, but Sophia, feeling humiliated and betrayed, decides to end the charade. She publicly denies any connection to Luke, expresses her desire to know the boy's mother, and announces her decision to divorce Pierce. As Sophia leaves the hall, she realizes Pierce had a son during their marriage, but he kept it a secret. She sees Pierceforting the child with Emelia Wilson, his ex-girlfriend. Sophia, disappointed and hurt, declares her intention to divorce Pierce, leaving the audience in stunned silence. Pierce remains cold and indifferent, revealing the truth about his hidden family and Sophia's futile efforts to maintain their seemingly happy marriage... Read Be the Richest Woman After Divorce

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