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His Second Wife by Favor V April

His Second Wife by Favor V April
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His Second Wife by Favor V April

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    Read His Second Wife by Favor V April by Favor V April. Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereHis Second Wife by Favor V April full chapter at . Genre: Billionaire Christopher is looking out of his office window and drinking when his friend Markes in and tells him he can't pay for sex forever. Christopher decides to get married to please his grandfather and summons his driver. He arrives at the Civil Affairs Bureau and sees a young woman who is sweating and trembling. He asks her to marry him, and she is taken aback by his looks and manner. She asks him to repeat the question as she is in shock. The reason for Camila's presence at the Bureau is because she has been unable to find a job in San Diego due to not being a resident, which requires marriage to a native. The passage written from the point of view of Camila, who got married to a Greek Adonis named Christopher Grayston in a hurry. After their marriage, they went to buy rings, where the salesperson quoted an exorbitant price for the rings. Christopher still bought the rings, much to Camila's surprise. Camila, who is unemployed, is struggling to find a job due to her being overqualified or not being a resident. One day, while drinking coffee, she sees a little boy faint on the road, and no onees to his aid. She saves the boy and takes him to the hospital. She needs her husband's signature for the bill, and when she calls him, he agrees toe and sign it. After signing, the doctor asks for a guardian for the boy, and Christopher volunteers to be the guardian. Camila observes the kind-hearted nature of her husband and is pleasantly surprised. Please follow and read His Second Wife by Favor V April full chapter at

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