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The Clutches Of Hell Novel

The Clutches Of Hell Novel
150 Chapters
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The Clutches Of Hell Novel

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    Read The Clutches Of Hell by . Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereThe Clutches Of Hell full chapter at .  Artist: Victoria Coleman & Christian Thatcher's... Genre: Billionaire Christian Thatcher stood over Victoria Coleman, her bloodied and injured leg a testament to the consequences of her actions. The darkened estate seemed to amplify the fear that gripped Victoria as she pleaded for understanding. But Christian's voice held an edge of cruelty as he chastised her for her past actions, especially the harm she caused to Bella, leaving her unable to dance again. As the moonlight glinted off the golf club in Christian's hand, Victoria's heart pounded in her chest. She denied her involvement in Bella's injury, but her words seemed to fall on deaf ears. Christian swung the golf club, striking her shin with brutal force, causing her to cry out in agony. The pain overwhelmed her, and she felt her consciousness slipping away. Two years passed, and Victoria was released from the penitentiary. She walked out into the snow-covered town, her scars a reminder of her past. Her injured leg still troubled her, making her progress slow. Despite the winter chill, she found herself waiting for a bus, contemplating the passage of time. Memories of her springtime imprisonment filled her mind, and she questioned whether she truly deserved a second chance. As she read the words above the penitentiary gate, she couldn't help but scoff at the idea of being granted a second chance. However, she was interrupted by the arrival of a bus. With little more than an outdated cell phone and a few coins, she boarded the bus, bing its sole passenger on the journey to the city. Lost in her thoughts and watching the city change outside the window, Victoria suddenly felt a jolt as the bus abruptly stopped. Her head bumped against the window, causing pain to shoot through her. Before she could figure out what was happening, she was forcefully pulled away from her seat. To be continued... Read The Clutches Of Hell full chapter at

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