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The Protector Novel

The Protector Novel
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The Protector Novel

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    Read The Protector by . Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereThe Protector full chapter story on . Genres: Billionaire, Revenge,... Levi Garrison was once an orphan and was adopted by the Garison family, but they didn't take him seriously. Finally Levi founded Levi Corporation, his career developed very quickly he made billions of dollars and was ranked at the top of North Hampton. However, the  Garison's family became more and more dissatisfied with Levi because of this. They planned to harm him on his wedding night. They broke his leg and kicked him out of the house. When his newlywed wife Zoey saw this, she expressed disappointment in him. After one night he had nothing left, And he was determined to take revenge,... Please follow and read  The Protector full chapter story on . Thank you all so much!

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