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Unfinished Business with You novel

Unfinished Business with You novel
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Unfinished Business with You novel

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    Read Unfinished Business with You by . Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereUnfinished Business with You full chapter at . Genre: Romance Olivia Maxwell wakes up the morning after her birthday to discover her fiancé, Hugo Gray, cheating on her with her stepsister, Anna. Fueled by anger and a desire for revenge, Olivia decides to get back at them. Two months later, she realizes she is pregnant, and when she confronts Anna about it, her stepsister denies any involvement. Olivia's stepmother, Amy, sides with Anna and accuses Olivia of ruining Anna's reputation. Olivia is slapped by her father, Henry, and disowned from the Maxwell family when she refuses to get an abortion. Anna taunts Olivia, revealing that she orchestrated the encounter with a homeless man under a bridge to humiliate her. Enraged, Olivia slaps Anna and engages in a physical altercation before being pulled away. Henry supports Anna and Olivia decides to leave the family, realizing she has nothing left there. Read Unfinished Business with You full chapter at

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